Best Of The Web: Chestnuts & Coffee Edition

Everybody has a best of the web article on Fridays so entre CouponPal! Afraid you may have missed some important internet information? I've been researching and reading up on money-saving strategies, time-management, and cooking (a few of my favorite things) and want to share some of the articles I found.

Full disclosure, I’m a bit of a way-back machine, so I’ve chosen some articles that may be older than this week. Does it matter? Heck no. If there was even a fraction of the web content out there, it would still be an overwhelming amount of information, so I trust it’s cool if I just share what I am into this week.

Dollar Stretcher! How To Save On Your Next Computer 

First up is an article from Dollar Stretcher, a guest post from our own Charlie about getting the best deal on your new computer. If you plan on buying a computer as a gift, or if you’re ready to re-up for the year, this great guide will keep cash in your pockets.

Dollar Stretcher! De-Stress for the Holidays 

Another article I liked from Dollar Stretcher is on how to bust holiday stress. Because it’s the second week of December, and if you aren’t feeling a little squeezed by your personal universe this week, you should be telling us how you do it. Dollar Stretcher gives it to us easy: it’s all about time management.

My Wife Quit Her Job: How to be Productive 

Along those lines, you shouldn’t miss the folks at, with their smart take on whether you are productive or just busy, an important distinction. Understanding where you’re spinning your wheels could maybe help with that holiday stress we were just talking about. Coincidence? I think not!

Greatist! Healthy, Festive Coffee Drinks 

I love self-care ideas, especially when I’m feeling the squeeze. I trust to dispense with some excellent advice on all things health and fitness. This week’s article on making your own festive coffee drinks has me pretty excited, since I try to keep my coffee addiction at home (budget friendly!) but then sort of feel left out of the delicious coffee drink loop. Making your drinks at home saves you money and calories. If you’re not for that, you may not be American.

Martha Stewart! How to Roast Chestnuts 

I’ve also been researching roasting chestnuts. A few years ago I went to a city park holiday tree lighting in Minneapolis, which is an insanely cold proposition. Luckily, there were people there selling hot chocolate and coffee, and someone was roasting chestnuts. I had never eaten them before, even though there’s a song about it! So my friends bought some to share. Can I relay how amazing it is to stand in zero degree weather, in the dark, waiting for a tree to light up and munching on chestnuts for the first time while your toes are going numb in your shoes? They were delicious. End of story. It’s winter again, and I happened upon a huge bin of glossy brown chestnuts at the grocery store. I found Martha Stewart’s archives include a how-to on chestnut roasting. Just so you know, I just finished eating them all by myself, so the recipe works.

The Broke & Beautiful Life! Why Traveling The World Doesn't Have To Break The Bank 

Finally, what is a better way to while away the winter hours than to daydream of traveling somewhere warm? Or at least somewhere else? Traveling on a budget can seem tricky and counterintuitive, and I swear the travel industry conspires to make it seem impossible, but I found this great article on the blog that shows that a little planning, and an openness to the slightly less orthodox can save you a bunch of cash, no matter how far you want to go.

Let me know what great articles you found online this week, and happy reading!

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