Best of the Web: Cocoa Holiday Edition

Everybody still alive out there? Here come the holidays. It’s so close now! I hope you made your shipping deadlines, and if you didn’t, I hope the universe of expedited shipping shows mercy on you and me both. Here are a few things from the internet this week that you may enjoy, when you have a minute to relax.

Kiplinger's Best of 2013 

This time of year is maybe particularly stressful because it is the time for family events and shopping- rushing around, but also a time to start reflecting on the year past and looking forward to the future. In service of looking back, perhaps to inform the future, you might like this breakdown of 2013 from Kiplinger. They have rounded up the best values of 2013 in healthcare, education, and bargain shopping to help you find the best deals for 2014. 

Dollar Stretcher Candy Recipes 

Most of my family is on the other side of the country, so with wrapping and shipping, the holidays have already happened, as far as I’m concerned. They happened today when everything went to the post-office. But, in a couple of days they begin anew with all my in-town loved ones. I want to spoil my people with some special treats, and these Dollar Stretcher candy recipes will make a lot of people smile. I’m excited to try them!

Rookiemag Blog 

I keep hearing about Rookie and Rookiemag and this week I decided to see what all the fuss is about. What a great blog! I was going to pick just one article. I can’t, not today. Check out these young ladies and their stellar, thoughtful articles on fashion, pop culture, and philosophy. Really smart stuff that I can already tell I’m going to read more than facebook.

More With Less Hot Cocoa Bar 

Making a cocoa bar is the smartest idea I never thought of, but I am super jazzed to recreate something like this for my upcoming holiday party.

Brit & Co. Hot Chocolate Recipes 

Now to flesh out that cocoa bar, maybe borrow from this round-up of sinful hot chocolate recipes! My first try will definitely be the Cardamom Orange Spice Cocoa, if you’re keeping track at home.

Money Crashers Gift Ideas for Parents 

Man, buying gifts for parents is hard, it’s always been hard. Your folks have everything, can buy themselves anything, and some parents are finicky and don't mind letting you know! Moneycrasher pulls together some great ideas here, I can attest to a couple of them working on my very own parents and grandparents, if you’re still working on your gift list.

Hope you enjoy my round up, and here’s to having a minute to yourself to read, know what I mean? Enjoy this pre-holiday weekend, and let me know if you see anything good on the internet!

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