Best of the Web: Confessions Edition

The best articles of the week will help you score freebies, justify buying the larger pizza, quit sugar, and more!

Business Insider: 7 Tips To Quit Sugar

Confession 1: I’m a sugar monster. Sugar in my coffee, honey in my tea, cookies in the afternoon, chocolate after dinner. Repeat endlessly. Some really interesting and scary articles about sugar (like this one from Salon) have come out in the last few weeks, and I now realize it is time to say goodbye to my sweet friend. Or at least see a lot less of it. These tips are helping me kick the habit and save money.

And Then We Saved: Make Money On The Weekend

Confession 2: I’m super broke. There are literally no expenses to cut in my life, so I have been looking at every option to hustle up more money. And Then We Saved’s list is the perfect start to earning more cash money with the time I have.

Kiplinger: 66 Fabulous Freebies

Not really a confession but: You love free stuff, I love free stuff, check out this exhaustive list of things you don’t need to pay a cent for.

EcoSalon: 7 DIY Ways to Turn Old Shoes New

Confession 3: I’m shoe-crazy like tween girls are boy-crazy; it’s okay, I can admit it. Sometimes I wish all my shoes were new again, and then I find an article like this one, and my shoe wardrobe takes on the sheen of possibility! Got to go grab my glue gun!

NPR Planet Money: Why You Should Always Get The Bigger Pizza

Confession 4: Somedays it feels like my whole life could be examined through the lens of ordering pizza. I always fought for the bigger pizza (who doesn’t want more pizza?!). Now I know what I was fighting for all these years.

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