Best of the Web: DIY Edition

Are we are rounding the corner on winter now? As we come to the end of February, I am reminded spring is my favorite time to undertake DIY projects, what with the garden planning, and the tax-prepping. Here’s a little round-up of my favorite articles this week, all on the theme of doing it yourself. Check out all these handy guides on how to take control of your own destiny.

Daily Finance: Five Things Tax Preparers Wish You Knew

I like to do my own taxes. Wait, no, I don’t like it, but I do it mainly for the challenge. These thoughts on what you can and cannot expect from hiring a tax professional are helping me decide if we will hire someone this year.

Forbes:A Beginners Guide To Taxes

I feel like as I grow older, my taxes become more and more complex (hello side hustles and marriage). This article brought up some really interesting points about when it’s time to call in a professional.

Wisebread: 52 Great Weekend Projects to Improve Your Life

Self-improvement is my perpetual DIY project, after Bedazzling my jeans, of course. Wisebread has created the most exhaustive, yet doable list of projects, one for every week, that could make life a lot better.

Dollar Stretcher: Frugal Seed Starters

As I write this, it is 75 degrees and sunny in Austin, a massive change to the 12 degrees and snow we experienced on our trip to Minneapolis this past weekend. This weather is reminding me it’s time to start the growing season! But I don’t have cash to burn on this year’s balcony garden, so I’m loving these seed starters that cost almost nothing.

Budgets Are Sexy: What If We Only Bought Stuff We Love

My favorite homes to visit are those where people have carefully cultivated their home to embody themselves. I suspect they subscribe to this idea that we should only buy what we love, and let everything else go.

Salon: Five Vitamins And Minerals That Are Actually Worth Taking

The ultimate act of self-improvement is to work on your health. Recent studies on the efficacy of multi-vitamins, however, have made the wisdom in taking vitamins and minerals more cloudy. This brief list of proven supplements brings some clarity to the discussion.

Information is Beautiful: Snake Oil Or Supplement?

In support of clarity on vitamins and minerals, see my new favorite site for data visualization. This interactive chart gives a quick, easy to read guide to what supplements and foods have proven results, and includes links to those results so you can see the evidence for yourself. Don’t miss out on their other interactive graphics!

POPSugar: Olive Oil Sugar Body Scrub Recipe

I love making my own beauty products, and this recipe for sugar scrub is saving me a trip to my favorite beauty shops this month.

Into The Gloss: DIY Coffee Scrub

Another scrub! This time re-using coffee grounds for a whole body scrub that sounds delectable and easy. Smooth skin awaits.

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