Best Of The Web: End of January Edition

Probably today your head is full of Superbowl passion and prognosticating. Or perhaps the exact opposite is occurring in your world. Did you see all the interesting articles flying around the web this week? My favorites this week are hanging out in the typical food/DIY department.

Squawkfox: 5 Free Apps to Save Money On Groceries 

Recently I compared receipts on my groceries between this year and last, and found that I am definitely paying more for the same food, this year. Squawkfox has come in the nick of time to get my grocery bill back in shape!

Kiplinger: Best Public Colleges with Lowest Student Debt Upon Graduation 

I see kids starting to get serious about picking the colleges they're going to apply to this year, I know the deadlines are looming. This detailed report from Kiplinger can go a long way towards helping families choose their schools wisely.

EcoSalon: 6 Things From Your Pantry You Can Use Outside The Kitchen 

Important stuff here. Whenever I tell my husband even a couple of the millions of uses for baking soda it totally blows his mind. EcoSalon can give you that kind of power.

Consumerist: 87,000 People Petition McDonalds For Veggie Burgers 

Don't worry, sounds like McDonalds is resisting the call. But since vegetarian fast food is seriously ghettoized (seriously, watch a vegetarian struggle through a road trip), can it really hurt to have the most popular fast food joint in the U.S. serve one veggie-friendly item? 

Greatist: 41 Guilt-Free Superbowl Snacks 

Have you maybe noticed that I am obsessed with Greatist? I am obsessed with Greatist. I have been daydreaming about making most of these (uh, healthy mac & cheese bites? Of Course!) since I found this article. I'm making all of this. All of it.

Stay warm in the polar vortex, and have a safe and joyous Superbowl party. I'm going to get ready for the puppy bowl. Read on!

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