Best of the Web: Get In Gear Edition

It’s the end of the first week of the new year, I hope if you set resolutions, they’re still going strong! Check out a couple things I enjoyed this week, and enjoy whatever warmup you’re hopefully experiencing now that the polar vortex has rolled away (for now…). 10 Habits of Financially Happy People 

Happiness, like effectiveness, is a habit-supported state of mind. Check out these tips for how to be happy with sound financial decisions, so you can move on to worrying about other things that will bum you out. Just kidding. Repay College Loans Faster 

If happiness is a state of mind we can manage with money, all my friends are miserable because of student loan debt. This Bankrate article sets out some great ideas for paying those loans off faster, and get you some much deserved freedom.

Frugal Dad: Ed. Department Pushes IBR 

For people who used federal loans to go to school, hopefully by now you’ve heard of the IBR- Income Based Repayment plan, developed to prevent student loan borrowers from defaulting on their loans and ruining their financial lives forever. If you know anyone struggling with their loans, the IBR is a total lifesaver, and forces are finally working to get the word out. From the Frugal Dad.

Budgets Are Sexy: How to Travel Cheaply 

Drool. I literally daydream about travel every day, but the technique of the savvy frequent flier miles traveler has eluded me. Until now. I am poring over this wonderfully detailed outline from the Noob Traveler himself, over at Budgets are Sexy, planning my next getaway. New Year's Detox Recipes 

Everybody’s talking about doing a new year detox, or doing a Lent detox. I want on board. Maybe. I’m more into it now that I found this piece from on meals that are detoxifying. This seems both do-able and delicious, which I can’t say I’ve ever thought about a “normal” detox plan. Hooray!

Happy reading and happy Friday! I hope the sun is shining where you are.

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