Best of the Web: Getting Into the Fall Season

It has been pretty alarming to see Christmas decorations popping up in stores already - it’s only October! So, in order to really appreciate fall (before we’re hustled into the holidays), several blogs posted articles that can actually help us get into the fall season. They covered everything from fall fashion trends to some tasty seasonal desserts. So, get cozy, and read on for some popular posts that hit the Web this week!

Fall Sweater Guide: 9 Picks Under $50

Although it’s still like 90 degrees here in Los Angeles, the rest of the country is finally able to pull their sweaters out. This post from The Budget Babe offers some great options for sweaters that work perfectly for fall. With picks from stores like American Eagle, Forever 21, and H&M, you’re sure to find styles to fall in love with. The best part? They’re all under 50 bucks - which means you won’t have to borrow cash from your holiday fund just to buy one!

25 Delicious Apple Dessert Recipes

While the rest of the world is getting burned out from pumpkin spice overload, you can use another ingredient that’s in season - apples! The Frugal Navy Wife  pulled together 25 yummy recipes for apple desserts (like Iced Apple Drop Cookies and a takeoff on McDonald’s Apple Pie) that will have your mouth watering. Now, can someone please make us the Apple Cranberry Crisp?

How to Save on Your Holiday and Winter Air Travel

Now that it’s fall, you should be preparing for any travel you’re planning for the holidays. If you wait much longer, you could end up paying more for flights or hotel rooms. Bargaineering  suggests traveling midweek, tracking fares, and shipping your bags to help save money on airfare. If you’re traveling for Thanksgiving, they recommend booking now to get the best rates!

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month (you noticed the pink everywhere, right?). Shop Girl Daily  showcases many different items you can purchase where the proceeds will go straight to breast cancer research or treatment options. Products cover a huge range - everything from iPad cases and lip glosses to earrings and scarves. Show your support by buying these awesome items - shopping will never feel better!

So, if you’re dreading the holidays to come, just celebrate fall with these helpful posts!

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