Best of the Web: Grab Bag Edition

I usually like to give you something with a little theme to cap the week, but I have to admit, what captivated my interest this week was a grab-bag of information. I know it’s only January, but I swear Spring is in the air! I’m getting squirrely (read: easily distracted). Check out the articles I enjoyed the most, and look over there! No, wait, look over here!

Consumerist: Is Netflix a Winner or a Loser With the End of Net Neutrality? 

Net neutrality has been buzzing around for many years, and the argument over whether internet users have the right to free and open access to all things internet, versus whether telecoms have the right to restrict and direct traffic has reached a conclusion, for now. Telecoms won that fight this week, now to see how it affects the many online services we’ve come to rely on (and pay for).

Dollar Stretcher: Financial Apps and Websites to Increase Your Wealth 

For people who like a helping hand in life, there’s an app for that. Check out this article on the best apps and websites to help you become a money-saving, wealth-growing powerhouse.

Business Insider: A Salary Guide for Your 20's, 30's, and 40's 

I wish I would have seen this article when I was younger. I’ve had an unconventional path through the working world, thus an unconventional “money arc,"  which I expect will be the story of my life. This guide to the arc of earnings people should expect to make over the course of their lifetimes was very illuminating for me, and was a great guide.

The Dirt and the Dish: The Herb Box 

Last year, my growing season was pitiful! We moved to a new climate, and a new apartment. Everything I knew about gardening totally didn’t apply to my new place. Many plant lives were lost. This year, I am planning so hard, so I don’t lose out on the chance to grow my own food. I keep reading this article on herb boxes over and over again, check it out!

Homesessive: 13 Genius Home Organizing Hacks We Wish We'd Thought Of 

If being more organized was part of your New Year’s resolutions, I feel you. Every day I think about being more organized, really. Then, I usually think about something else. So I was super excited to see these great home organizing hacks. I could totally do these. So could you.

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