Best of the Web: Grocery Shopping Edition

Sure, it seems like grocery shopping is a pretty simple task that anyone can complete. But, there’s actually a lot of skill involved to make sure you’re able to stick to a budget (while still buying all the items you need). Plus, if you want to eat healthy, it’s even more of a challenge! Five of our favorite blogs wrote about several ways to master the grocery shopping game, so read on for tips on saving money on your next trip!

4 Ways to Spend Less on Groceries Each Month

Beating Broke  has some great suggestions for making sure your grocery bill doesn’t eat away at your finances each month. Try stocking up on items when they go on sale, making your meals from those sale items, cooking up freezer meals from low-cost items, and steering clear of impulse buys. If you attempt these tricks, you’ll probably be able to limit your expenses every time you head to the store.

Fresh Produce 101

Living Well Spending Less  points out that there are so many benefits to buying seasonal produce (besides the fact that in-season fruits and veggies just taste better!). Items in season also will help you lower your costs since they’re usually cheaper to purchase, be kinder to the environment (since fresh, local produce wasn’t shipped in from a far-away locale), and eat a healthier diet overall. If you’re not sure whether to buy organic or what’s actually in season, check out the exhaustive list in the post!

Buy More, Spend Less: How Buying In Bulk Helps You Save Money on Groceries

There’s a reason smart shoppers flock to warehouse stores - it’s actually a great money-saving move to buy groceries in bulk. Even if you don’t head to a club store, your local grocery store will also most likely reward your bulk purchases with better prices. The Penny Hoarder  even suggests asking your grocery store if they offer any specific discounts for buying in bulk - they often don’t advertise these deals! Just remember to buy only what you’ll actually use, and don’t forget to check the expiration dates on the items you’re purchasing!

How to Ditch Your Microwave

Hate always having to nuke things in the microwave? One Good Thing By Jillee  has put together some great tips to help you avoid using your microwave every time you eat. When you’re grocery shopping, buy foods like pizza, rice and grains, potatoes, and pasta that you can use to make meals that don’t need to be microwaved.

7 Times Buying Generic Will Cost You

Usually we’re under the impression that buying non-name brands will actually save us money. However, that’s not always the truth. WiseBread  notes that there are really several occasions when you shouldn’t buy generic, including condiments, batteries, and trash bags, since the quality is usually higher with name brands. Just do your research before you shop, and you’ll be able to find the best deals and the best products!

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