Best of the Web: Growing Your Own Produce

You don’t have to be a health food nut to get into the trend of growing your own produce. There are tons of benefits to growing fruits and veggies in your yard, and the Web was buzzing this week with several articles touting all the reasons you should create a special produce-filled garden. Here’s a look at a few of our favorite stories:

The Only Fruits and Veggies Worth Growing Yourself

One of the biggest reasons to grow your own produce is the amazing savings you can reap. Not having to stock up on expensive organic products at the store is a great motivator to plant your own fruits and veggies. But not all produce is alike - this helpful WiseBread  article breaks down which produce is the most cost-effective to plant yourself (like artichokes, tomatoes, and zucchini).

29 Ways to Keep Your Fresh Produce Fresher Longer

Once you’ve harvested your own produce, you want to make sure that you’re able to keep it fresh for as long as possible. Clark Howard  laid out a list of 29 ways you can make your crops last longer. He provides tons of helpful tips like not keeping your produce in the refrigerator door and avoiding cutting up your fruits and veggies if you can. The best part is that having longer lasting produce means you won’t waste food or your money!

5 Ways To Save On Your Food Costs This Summer

Money Ning  has created a helpful post about 5 easy ways to save on food costs. Growing your own produce can help you save some serious cash, as will preparing simple meals, using your crockpot, or busting out the grill. Be mindful of exactly how you spend money on food, and you’re much more likely to stick to your budget.

3 Ways to Cook Any Vegetable in Your CSA Box

If you’re growing some basics in your garden, you might want to branch out by becoming a member of a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture), a subscription service that ships fresh, local produce to your front door. This blog from The Kitchn  gives you some suggestions on how to cook all of the veggies that come in your CSA box.

Another benefit of growing your own produce is knowing that the food you’re consuming is all-natural. To help with this quest, you should definitely compost. Check out 5 reasons why composting is beneficial, and enter to win a Green Cycler Countertop Composter of your very own!

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