Best of the Web: How to Be More Productive

We start the day the same way each morning – thinking how productive we’re going to be, how we’re going to cross off all those items on our to-do list. Basically, we’re going to take on any challenge that comes our way. And happens. Unexpected tasks come up, procrastination sets in, and we finish the day realizing we were far less productive than we set out to be. This week saw several great articles with suggestions on how to kick it into high gear and accomplish productivity goals. Read these stories for some inspiration on how to get things done.

23 Apps To Help You Get More Done in a Day

It’s just plain smart to use the latest technology to your advantage. This Business Insider  article complies 23 of the best apps (from help with to-do lists to budgeting) that can assist you in taking care of those everyday tasks that suck up your time.

10 Tasks You Should Never Put On the Back Burner

There are some tasks you shouldn’t wait to complete. LifeHacker  put together a list of the top 10 things you should take care of right away, including things like not procrastinating on opportunities that might disappear or tasks that have a fast approaching deadline. This is a great read for those of us who like to wait ‘til the last minute to complete tasks.

10 Weird Ways to Get Things Done That Might Work for You

If you need a little motivation to tackle certain chores, you should check out this list from WiseBread  that includes unconventional techniques for staying on task. Try ‘structured procrastination’ or working standing up to see if they help you stay more focused. Our favorite one on the list? Power naps!

3 Things You’re Doing Instead of Making Money

This post from SeeDebtRun  will definitely make you think about how your lack of productivity could be impacting your finances. Check out this article for ideas on how to focus in on your goals and what steps you can take to maximize your time.

It’s okay if you’re not super productive everyday – we all deserve some time when we’re not at our best. However, these stories might just give you some helpful suggestions for ramping up your productivity. If not, tomorrow is a new day!

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