Best of the Web: How to Cut Energy Costs

Your energy bill can definitely end up putting a dent into your monthly budget. But, there are ways you can cut costs and save major bucks! Several blogs posted articles this week with suggestions on reducing your energy bill. So, read on for some stellar advice!

Energy Audit: 9 Reasons Why You Need One

One of the most efficient ways to cut your energy bill is to take part in an energy audit. Bargain Babe  did and was extremely happy with the results! These (often free) consultations evaluate areas in your home where you’re wasting energy, and then offer rebates, freebies, and other suggestions to help you remedy the issues. They’ll even help you come up with a plan to put all of their recommendations into place and keep your future costs low.

How to Get Rid of Energy Vampires

Energy vampires can suck your wallet dry without you even knowing it! These pesky nuisances are devices that are left plugged in even when not in use (like cell phone chargers, small appliances, and radios). The EPA estimates that the average household wastes about $100 a year on these types of devices. The Centsible Life  provides some helpful solutions, including using ‘smart’ power strips and outlets. Although these changes may seem small, they can add up to major savings!

14 Simple Life Hacks That Have Each Saved Me $100 (Or More) Since My Financial Turnaround

Sometimes you need to just take a good look at your spending, and then cut back in as many areas as you can! The Simple Dollar  went through his finances and made some necessary changes to reduce his spending. One of them being changing from incandescent light bulbs to LED ones. LED bulbs last longer, so you’ll only be buying them about 5% as often. Plus, the savings amount to as much as $122 per bulb replacement.

9 Ways to Reduce Home Energy Consumption

To really cut down your energy costs, try these tips from Make sure your refrigerator is operating efficiently, adjust your thermostat (or switch to a programmable one), and clean your air conditioner and heater filters. These steps don’t take much time at all, but they could help you save money on your energy bill!

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