Best of the Web: How to Save Money on Groceries

Every week I head to the grocery store, drop some items into my cart, and think I’m being pretty conservative with my spending. Then they ring up my total, and I’m always shocked at how much I’ve spent. It sure adds up quickly! So, I’m definitely in need of some money-saving advice on groceries. This week, several sites provided posts with super helpful tips on cutting food costs. Read on to help you keep your grocery store bill from breaking the bank!

9 Mistakes You’re Making at the Grocery Store

I’m guilty of making many of the mistakes that Bargain Babe  mentions in this post. I often shop when I’m hungry and forget to make lists - both of which can contribute to a higher grocery bill. Other good pointers include trying generic brands, creating a meal plan before you hit the store, and being willing to switch brands for a lower price. Plus, you should make sure you effectively do stock-up trips - last minute runs can end up costing you around $25 extra a week!

Save Big on Groceries By Shopping on This Day of the Week

If you’ve ever bought something only to discover it on sale the next day, you’ll want to read this article from The Penny Hoarder. Turns out, specific days of the week matter when you’re shopping for good deals (many retailers place items on sale on Tuesdays!). You can also save some money by taking advantage of rebates or by using a savings app (like Ibotta or Checkout 51).

What Not to Buy on Amazon

Amazon is a great place to shop for many items, but the retailer isn’t the best option for everything. This post from MarketWatch  (featuring our very own Erin Konrad) details the products you’re better off buying at other stores. For example, items over $100, most clothing and shoes, and electronics are probably priced lower at other retailers. Your best bet is to do some comparison shopping (and check CouponPal for any current promotions on other sites!). As far as groceries go, head to Amazon for convenience and selection but don’t expect the lowest prices.

How I Slashed My Monthly Vegetable Bill By 53%

Buying fresh produce usually results in a pretty high grocery bill - it’s expensive to eat healthy! However, there are some surefire ways you can save on vegetables. This post from Money Saving Mom  talks about how one blogger was able to cut her vegetable bill by more than half by purchasing discounted produce, shopping at farmer’s markets, and buying in-season veggies. Another great way to save? Start your own garden - your produce will be fresh and way less expensive!

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