Best of the Web: How to Save on Everyday Expenses

You pay your bills every month (and on time like a grownup!), and you have your budget pretty much figured out. However, it’s those everyday expenses that can often throw a wrench into your financial plan. This week, several great blogs wrote about ways you can save on those costs. Read on for suggestions to help you save a little money!

10 Secrets to Save Money on Gas

Filling up my gas tank always feels like one of the quickest ways to watch my money fly out of my wallet. That’s why this article by Bargain Babe  is so awesome! These 10 tips (like not filling up on weekends or turning off the AC) are easy changes you can make that can actually increase your savings!

Grocery Shopping Once a Month: Can You Do It?

Beating Broke  decided to try implementing a grocery trip just once a month to help with food costs. The idea is that you stock up on all the essentials and then make enough freezer meals to last you throughout the month. Making weekly (or more) trips means you often make more impulse buys that can increase your bill. Although they decided twice a month trips are more doable, making less frequent grocery store runs is definitely a way to cut costs (and something everyone should try!).

5 Ways to Reduce Your Clothing Budget

As someone who shops for clothes pretty frequently, I totally need ideas for reducing how much I spend on fashion. Enemy of Debt  came up with 5 helpful suggestions for cutting clothing costs, like visiting consignment and thrift stores and using coupons (obviously, CouponPal is a fan of that!). As long as you shop smarter, you can keep your budget in check!

The Three Best Ways to Cut Your Expenses

If you’re constantly worrying that you can’t make ends meet, check out this post from Narrow Bridge Finance. They offer 3 straightforward ways you can cut expenses, including downsizing your home, getting a less expensive car, and eating out less. These 3 things are often money traps for most people - follow these recommendations, and you could be seeing some serious savings in the future!

15 Things I Skimp On

Sometimes it’s okay not to spend top dollar on every item you purchase. Not sure which things you should be frugal with? Check out this list from The Simple Dollar - you might just get some great ideas on areas where you can cut back in your own life!

Don’t give up on sticking to a budget - these posts can help you save money on those pesky everyday expenses!

By: CouponPal

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