Best of the Web: How to Shop Smarter

Some people don’t put a lot of thought into shopping. They see something they like, and they buy it. But for those of us on a budget, this can be a costly habit. If you want to be smarter with your money, you should pay attention to exactly how and where you’re spending your cash. This week, several sites posted some really helpful articles about what you can do to be more careful with your spending. Read on for some great tips!

How to Shop on a Budget

The Everygirl  put together a valuable list of suggestions that can help you save big time. Try waiting for your favorite items to be marked down, only purchase online when there’s free shipping, and stock up on staples when there’s a good sale. Check out the full list for more shopping recommendations.

Weird Ways Our Brains Control Our Money Habits

This article by Get Rich Slowly  cites several recent studies that show how our brains affect our money habits. Did you know you’re less likely to spend large bills, but more likely to spend dirty-looking or crumpled bills? The good thing is if you know more about how your brain responds to certain things, you’re better posed to learn from your spending behaviors.

Setting Powerful Short Term Personal Finance Challenges (and 25 Examples To Get You Started)

The Simple Dollar  points out that we’re constantly making decisions that affect our money supply (like whether we decide to eat out or where we choose to shop). In order to help become more financially secure, they put together 25 challenges that can help you save money. For example: shop smarter by only buying items that are essentials and cutting your entertainment costs.

How Can I Save Money on Food When I’m Never Home?

What’s one of the fastest ways to drain your wallet? Eating out. Money Saving Mom  helps you cut grocery costs by providing tons of easy recipes that can be made ahead of time. These convenient ideas for meals and snacks can help you save big on food costs and make you feel like a much smarter shopper.

The main idea? Be especially conscious of how you spend your hard-earned cash, and you’ll be able to keep more of it!

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