Best of the Web: How to Simplify the Holiday Season

The holiday season can be a super stressful time of year. Along with all of your other responsibilities, you have to juggle shopping for gifts, attending holiday parties, and getting together with friends and family. However, there are some steps you can take to simplify the season and not get too overwhelmed. Several blogs tackled this subject over the past week, so read on for some easy ways to streamline your holidays.

How to Minimize Gift-Giving (Without Being a Scrooge)

Each year, you have to figure out your gift-giving budget and determine how you’re going to buy gifts for everyone on your list - without going broke! But, there are a few ways you can minimize all the shopping you have to do. And Then We Saved  suggests setting a shopping limit, instituting a gift swap, or making DIY presents. These steps can help you cut down on your expenses, and help you escape the commercialistic holiday Christmas has become!

The Trouble with Holiday Spending Expectations

The Broke and Beautiful Life  digs into the trap we all fall into of thinking we have to spend as much on someone as they’ve spent on us. This expectation can be dangerous if you’re on a budget. Not everyone is in the same place with their finances, so you shouldn’t feel obligated to spend a certain amount on that person’s gift. Rethink these expectations (and simplify your gift-giving) by just focusing on the thoughtfulness of your gift, not the price tag.

Holiday Minimalism: Where Do You Spend Your Time?

It’s not just your money that’s valuable during the holidays - your time is just as precious! You may feel pressured to attend every single party or get-together you’re invited to or spend time with all of your friends and family. This feeling of obligation can turn the holidays into a stressful whirlwind, instead of a time when you can just enjoy yourself. Everyday Minimalist  recommends reevaluating your activities and scaling back whenever you can. You’re much more likely to appreciate loved ones if you’re not worried about jetting off to the next event on your schedule.

Christmas: Time to Change Unwanted Traditions

The holidays are a perfect time to celebrate traditions - or change ones you don’t want to keep anymore! If there are traditions that you dread every year, work with your family and friends to change them. Fabulously Broke  says it might take some compromise or a new strategy, but ultimately, you should be spending the holidays exactly the way you want! So, don’t be afraid to stand up and create new traditions that work better for you!

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