Best of the Web: Money Stresses

Money is one of the main things we all worry about. We fret over not having enough, how to spend it, and how to get more of it. In times of uncertainty, we tend to focus more on our finances as a way of coping. This focus unfortunately leads to major stress. Here are some interesting reads that popped up on the web this week about financial worries.

Wells Fargo: Americans Struggle With Savings

In a study released by Wells Fargo this week, over 39% of Americans list money as their number one worry (and 33% are losing sleep over it). The weird thing is that a lot of us are sort of adverse to actually taking control of our finances. The article states that only a third of Americans have some sort of financial plan in place. Even more strange: people are twice as likely to update their Facebook page than to review their budget. No wonder finances are stressing us out!

Filing an Extension Can Ease Stress as Tax Deadline Approaches

As April 15 is fast approaching, taxes are quickly becoming the #1 worry for most people. In this article, a TurboTax expert advises you to file an extension if you need some more time. While this could alleviate your stress level, make sure that you’re still paying what you need to by the deadline. There are no extensions if you owe Uncle Sam!

Can March Madness Be Unhealthy?

Most people would assume something as benign as a basketball game would actually reduce stress, not cause it. However, for those devoted to March Madness, there could be some financial strings attached to the game. If you’re betting some cash on these games, you could be adding undue stress to your life (plus it takes a huge financial toll on your emotional well-being!).

Money Advice for Newlyweds

Financial problems result in tons of breakups, so check out this list of rules to follow to ensure your relationship doesn’t dissolve over money. Things like deciding on common budget goals, maintaining good credit, and planning how to grow your finances are all great ways to open up the lines of communication about your spending. Another great read about finances and relationships is XOJane’s 7 Huge Financial Mistakes I Made in My Relationship (So You Don’t Have To).

California Drought Spurs Mini Gold Rush in Sierra

Of course everyone knows the best way to solve your money problems is by digging for gold. With the horrendous drought we’re having in California, some industrious individuals have taken to the Sierra Nevada foothills to search for gold in riverbeds that have been covered up for decades. Although this might not be a fool-proof plan, it is pretty creative, right?

Hope these articles help you feel less alone in your money worries! 

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