Best of the Web: New Years Edition

Happy post-Christmas! I hope you had a wonderful holiday week with your family and had to watch Home Alone no more than once this whole week. Though, if the cable channels are any indication, this may be unlikely.

New Year’s is my favorite time of year, I’m New Year’s crazy, so I’ve spent this week reading up on what’s what this year in New Year’s resolutions, and found some awesome articles that relate to my resolutions for 2014.

Washington Post: Four New Year's Resolutions That Can Make A Difference In Your Financial Well-Being 

This article from the Washington Post is a great start, inspirational, simple, easy to do, and maybe not quite what you’re expecting? This article reminds us that improving our finances often has less to do with the quantity of money we have, than we think.

Daily Finance: Grocery Store Trends Changing the Way You Buy Food 

One of my New Year’s resolutions is to buy better quality food, and to learn enough to know the difference, like memorizing the Dirty Dozen list. We all know access to quality food depends on where you live, your economics, and access to transportation, so I was interested in this article on grocery store trends taking place in the U.S., some of which were surprising, and some which were dismaying.

Money Crashers: How To Make Affordable Socially Responsible Clothing Purchases 

Another of my New Year’s resolutions is to be a more conscientious clothing consumer. I am super into finding great deals on clothes, but I also want to be more intentional about where my money goes when I spend it. This article on ethically sourced clothing from Money Crashers is super interesting, since on the rare occasion I am not buying clothing second-hand, I tend to buy cheap stuff from a big-box store. Now I can see if those t-shirts are made in a way that is in line with my values, or if I need to step up my shopping game.

WiseBread: The 6 Worst New Years Resolutions Most of Us Will Make 

Now, about setting those resolutions! Wisebread’s article on the 6 Worst Resolutions Most of Us Will Make for 2014 is fantastic. If you’ve ever set a resolution and given up on it by January 5th, and I’m talking to you and me both, this article gets to the heart of the matter, and asks you to do the same. Make better resolutions by knowing whyyyyy you’re making them to find more success.

Greatist: Best Ways to Practice Self-Care 

You can’t tell, but I just spent the last week in a cold/flu coma, destroying box after box of tissue and grossing out my dog, so my last resolution is to get sick less in 2014 by taking better care of my health on a daily basis. Because I should be a grown-up by now. Thankfully, Greatist are a bunch of grown-ups and they have compiled the thickest list of scientifically-proven self-care tips any mid-30’s adolescent, even me, can accomplish.

Business Insider: Woody Guthrie's New Year's Resolutions 

My treat for mostly recovering from the illness stuffing up my home was a little matinee to see Inside Llewyn Davis, which was great. It was double great to come home to this scan of Woody Guthrie’s New Year’s resolutions, as they are much cooler and funnier than any of my boring resolutions. 

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