Best Of The Web: New Year's Resolutions Are Fun! Edition

Happy New Year! I’m still busy reading about New Year’s resolutions, and I’m sure you haven’t been able to get away from them either! Check out my favorites this week.

Daily Finance: Things That Will Cost More in 2014 

I’m looking ahead at the new year and strategizing my budget, just like the experts recommend. In the past, I have never considered my chocolate budget, since it seems inconsequential compared to, say, my rent. But it looks like I can expect to pay a little more in the coming year. Check out what else we’re paying more for in the coming year.

Dollar Stretcher: 9 New Year’s Resolutions for Starting 2014 Off On The Right Foot 

If your past financial resolutions haven’t quite worked out, the folks at Dollar Stretcher have your back. See their simple steps for getting your house in order the easy way.

Dollar Stretcher: 6 Resolutions for Bargain Hunters 

Even the savviest saver can take this time of year to reflect on, and improve those money smart practices. Check out these resolutions to make sure your money-saving habits are working for you.

Money, Life, & More: How to Start the New Year on Good Financial Footing 

Keeping it short and sweet: if you plan on re-evaluating your money situation, take a couple minutes and try out these great tips to enhance your finances.

EcoSalon: 5 Smart Goals for Making Meaningful Changes in 2014 

Making resolutions is one thing, but making lasting change is obviously quite another! This article on making meaningful change can help you establish new habits that last.

The Middle Finger Project: 42 New Year’s Resolutions You Can Actually Keep 

The world is flooded with articles on making resolutions and reassurances that pretty much everybody fails at them anyways. Not true! You can totally make good on your resolutions. Here are 42 that should give you no trouble at all. We can do anything this year!(Strong language warning for sensitive readers)

On the topic of New Year’s resolutions, there are countless resources to make it a great new year. Try these money smart articles, and have a prosperous year!

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