Best of the Web: Parenting Edition

If you’re a parent, you require all the help you can get to raise those little munchkins. Luckily, the World Wide Web is full of parenting tips and articles to assist you. This week, there were some helpful posts on everything from discussing money with your kids to how to save money on potty training. Read on for some great advice!

It’s Time to Talk About Taboo Money Topics with Your Kids

This Daily Finance  article points out that only 59% of parents discuss personal finance with their children (according to a recent study conducted by Citi). But experts say that part of being a good role model is presenting your children with information about money. So, start by introducing your kids to money conversations, and make sure you’re open about financial concerns.

Summer Family Fun: Frugal and Fun Activities for Rainy Days

Although we’re in a super drought here in California, other parts of the country are seeing lots of rain (which means your little ones are probably stuck indoors). The Centsible Life  suggests several fun activities to keep your kids entertained on rainy days, including planning a “Book Day,” heading to a local museum, or doing some arts and crafts.

Moving to One Income So a Spouse Can Take Care of the Kids

More than 60% of parents are raising kids in a household with two working adults. However, there are advantages to moving to one income so one parent can attend to childcare. Free From Broke  has put together a handy guide for evaluating whether you can swing a one income home and what the benefits are to having one working spouse.

How to Save Money on Potty Training

If your kids are at that special age, you might be thinking about potty training. The Frugal Navy Wife  has come up with some great ideas for how to save money on the endeavor (like purchasing pull-ups through Amazon’s Subscribe and Save program or checking out free books or DVDs at the library that can help teach your kids about potty training).

How Much Does it Cost to Raise a Kid?

Money Q and A  put up a super helpful infographic on their site (from Gumtree). Although the money breakdowns are in pounds (not dollars), it’s still a great lesson in what kind of funds it takes to raise a kid. What do parents end up spending the most on? Strollers and furniture for the nursery. However, if you think about buying some of these items second-hand, you could see some awesome savings!

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