Best of the Web: Saving Money on Everyday Expenses

Along with providing our readers with coupons, we also like to throw some money-saving knowledge your way. This week, 5 of our favorite blogs posted articles that can help you cut your everyday expenses. Wish you could spend less on groceries? Maybe snag a lower air conditioning bill? Read on for plenty of tips on how to save money on household costs!

33 Brilliant Home Hacks That You’re Not Using

There are probably tons of home hacks you don’t know about that could be saving you mucho bucks. Bargain Babe  posted a super helpful infographic with 33 of these genius ideas, including DIY bookshelves, shoe organizers, and wine racks as towel holders! Check out these home hacks, and you’ll be able to problem-solve everything from not enough storage in the bathroom to hiding an unsightly thermostat. The best part is these tips will help save you money too!

Cut the Cable and Save Over $1,000

Hate getting your cable bill every month? Well, The Centsible Life  definitely sympathizes. They ended up cutting their cable and saving over $1,000 a year by using streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime. Want to see that kind of savings for yourself? Read this post for ideas on how to get rid of cable for good.

Bulk Buying Strategy: 4 Shopping Rules That Really Work

MoneyNing  knows a thing or two about how to save money when you’re out shopping. They’ve come up with 4 rules that you should live by, including sticking to a monthly budget, only buying in bulk when it makes sense, having one big monthly stocking-up trip, and doing smaller weekly shopping runs in the meantime. Save big on your groceries by following this advice!

Saving Money on Air Conditioning

Summer is right around the corner, so you might be starting to get worried about cranking up the ol’ air conditioner. Luckily, Eve of Reduction  has some tips on how you can cut your AC costs. Try using a programmable thermostat, cleaning your air filter regularly, replacing your old AC, or using renewable energy to cool your home, all of which can help you lower your air conditioning bill. Your wallet will thank you!

50+ Little Known Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Grocery Store

Ever wished you could save a little more at the grocery store? One Good Thing By Jillee  put together a totally comprehensive list naming over 50 tips that can help you maximize your shopping trips (and help you save some dough!). Our favorite tips include asking for discounts on dented items, shopping in the evening for discounted bakery items, and hitting the store on Wednesdays for the best deals. After reading this blog post, you’ll be able to shop the grocery store with confidence that you’re getting the most bang for your buck!

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