Best of the Web: Savings Experts Edition

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There’s a wealth of knowledge out there for the fabulously frugal, and we at CouponPal are constantly amazed by the brilliance of the money-saving experts in the field. This week’s best of the web celebrates those who work to save the most and share the wealth of their knowledge, featuring a mix of inspirational bloggers as well as savings experts who have graciously shared their wisdom with us through our Monday “Interviews with Savings Experts.”

Wisebread: How I Erased $70,000 in Debt and Became an Eventual Millionaire

This article features Jaime Tardy, the ‘Eventual Millionaire.’ It details Jaime’s path out of debt and how she pursued her passion through the wisdom and mentorship of the millionaires she’s interviewed.

Huffpost: How Teens Can Research Upcoming Purchases to Get the Best Deal

Featuring our favorite wunderkind blogger, Eva Baker, this great Huffpost article describes Eva’s savvy methods to save every time you shop. She inspires even the youngest among us to master the frugal and fabulous life.

The Frugal Navy Wife: Earn Money Doing Gigs with Smart Phone Apps

One of our first interviewed experts was Danielle Leonard, the ‘Frugal Navy Wife.’ She has an excellent series on generating extra income every week. This is one of my favorite articles, which outlines apps for your smartphone that can make you money by completing simple tasks.

The Budget Savvy Bride: Budget Friendly Backyard Wedding

Check out this piece by our newest savings expert, Jessica Lehry Bishop. Her blog, ‘The Budget Savvy Bride,’ features posts on DIY weddings listed by budget, from 1k to 20k. This enchanting wedding was only 2k and looks amazing. Don’t miss her featured weddings, with their incredibly low price tags and stellar photography.

Money Crashers:What’s the Best Online Tax Preparation Software?

It’s hardcore tax season, now that we’re only about 6 weeks away from the filing deadline. While looking for the best deals on tax prep software, the best guide I found to the three big choices for consumers was this great article from ‘MoneyCrashers.’ It walks you through H&R Block, TurboTax, and Tax ACT so you don’t have to, with insights into ease of use, refunds, and more. 

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