Best of the Web: Tips for Saving More Money

Fact: we all wish we had more money. No matter how much you make or how much you have in savings, it’s always a good idea to stockpile some cash for those rainy days. Here are some articles that recently hit the web filled with tons of tips on how you can save more moolah.

10 Easy to Learn Skills That Will Save You Money

There are actually a lot of small habits you can change that will end up saving you cash without you having to make huge lifestyle changes. This WiseBread  article names 10 easy steps (like preparing your own taxes or cooking more) that can help you cut your everyday expenses.

Earn More Money to Help Save More and Pay Off Debt Faster

Of course it’d be great if we all made more money, but simply asking for a raise isn’t an option for everyone. Mom Advice  contributor Kelly Whalen’s article about boosting your income is a helpful look at easy steps you can take to earn more money (including things like starting a side gig or creating a blog).

4 Savings Methods That Really Work

Want to know saving methods that are actually effective? This piece from MoneyNing  gives you 4 surefire ways to save more money (like putting aside a percentage of your income or saving a set amount each month). These ideas can help you increase your savings, no matter what shape your finances are in.

Live Small, Save Big: What You Can Learn from Minimalists

Not everyone is built to live a minimalist lifestyle (some people just like to buy things!), but Daily Finance  has put together a helpful list of the lessons we can learn from those who live more simply. There are several ways you can cut back without taking drastic steps (like cutting cable TV or selling items you don’t want anymore).

Check out these articles for ways to save more money, and you’ll be surprised how easy it is to stash away a little extra dough!

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