Best of the Web: Tips for Smarter Grocery Shopping

Food can sometimes be one of the costliest expenses in your budget. If you’re not smart about shopping and cooking, you could end up costing yourself a ton of money and time. Here are some helpful articles that hit the web within the last week.

6 Ways To Save More on Groceries

Some of these tips might be a given (shop early to take advantage of the best deals or create a budget), but some of these are more unique suggestions. They suggest not using your phone at checkout, so you can make sure your items are being rung up correctly. Also, try to organize your shopping trip so you’re not zigzagging around the store. If you’re not planning ahead, you’re way more likely to add extra items to your cart that you don’t need.

25 Items That Are Cheaper At Whole Foods

Usually Whole Foods is known for being a tad more expensive than other grocery stores. However, there are actually 25 items that you can find for less at Whole Foods. Snag things like organic milk, energy bars, russet potatoes, and meatless frozen foods for cheaper prices than other retailers.

Dadhacker - Helping You Hit the Kitchen

Sometimes saving time is just as important as saving money. This Lifehacker article breaks down some ideas for better managing your time in the kitchen. There are also great ideas for apps that can keep you more organized during your cooking endeavors.

Amazon’s Dash Device: Speak or Scan Grocery, Household Items Onto a Grocery List

Writing down a grocery list is so 2013. Amazon is releasing a new device that allows you to verbally record any items you notice you’re running low on. It also has the ability to digitally scan barcodes of products you want to repurchase. You can easily use the device to help order groceries from Amazon, thus saving you a ton of time and effort.

Just remember to shop smart, and enjoy all of your delicious homemade meals!

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