Best of the Web: Travel Edition

Summer is starting to draw to a close, but that doesn’t mean you can’t fit in at least one more vacation! Several articles hit the Web this week, touching on different aspects of travel (including ideas for destinations, must-have apps, and how to get the most bang for your buck on travel expenses). Check out our picks for Best of the Web: Travel Edition!

6 Must-Have Travel Apps

The Cultureist  lays out 6 apps that any jetsetter should have on their phone. They recommend apps like Skyscanner for finding bargain flights, TripIt for keeping your itinerary organized, and XE Currency for helping to figure out current exchange rates. Basically, there are plenty of apps on the market that can help make your travels a lot easier!

5 Ways to Earn Airline Miles Without Stepping Foot on a Plane

Want to rack up those frequent flyer miles but don’t have time for lots of travel? No problem! Modest Money  gives readers 5 easy ways to earn miles without actually getting on a plane. Try taking advantage of partnerships (like with hotels, restaurants, and entertainment venues) that airlines form to help you earn rewards. You can also earn points by making sure you never miss out on promotions - sign up for email newsletters for all the best deals!

7 Hotel Booking Websites with Private Sales and Exclusive Deals

Travel sites often offer special programs for frequent travelers. Money Crashers  put together a super helpful list of 7 different booking websites and the special deals they offer. Check out the Expedia Elite Plus program or Private Sales to ensure that you’re getting the lowest prices. Don’t forget to check CouponPal’s Expedia and pages for more discounts as well!

7 Cheap and Out-of-the-Ordinary Vacation Spots

Not sure which destination you’d like to travel to for your next vacation? Cheapism  suggests 7 outside-the-box locations (that are actually affordable too!). Look into off-the-beaten path options like Watkins Glen State Park in New York or Death Valley in California. You’ll definitely be able to come back with unique stories about your travels!

The World’s 11 Craziest Frugal Hotels

If you have an adventurous side, book a reservation at one of these 11 crazy hotels around the world. WiseBread  offers some suggestions of less well-known hotels that are available for super low prices. For example, the Hotel Sidi Driss in Tunisia (where they filmed scenes in the first “Star Wars”) has rooms for just $10 a night - and that includes breakfast!

So, check out these helpful articles, and then book your next trip!

By: CouponPal

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