Best of the Web: What to Buy in May

May is officially here, so many sites have been posting helpful articles about what you should be buying during this month. Ever the savvy shopper, we know you’ll want to check out these stories to see what items you should be snapping up before summer arrives.

7 Items You’ll Find the Best Prices on During May

This story by Consumerist  gets their intel from Consumer Reports  on what products you can find for the lowest prices during May. Some make total sense (camping and outdoor gear would be on sale because it’s finally nice weather) and some are a tad confusing (carpet is cheaper in May?). Either way, be sure to purchase lawn mowers and athletic clothing and sneakers during this month.

Grocery Bargains Offered in May

We don’t often think about which food items are the best value during a particular month, but this Bankrate  story clears up the mystery. Grab strawberries at a discount of 10-15% lower prices than April, and stock up on fresh veggies like tomatoes, corn, and asparagus - they can be marked down as much as 35% off! Another great find at the market: cold drinks! They’re often offered at discount prices since shoppers are more likely to be buying refreshing beverages in the warmer weather.

What to Buy in May: Shopping Trends 2014

Fatwallet  is predicting Mother’s Day to be a great time to find deals - even if you’re not shopping for your mom, you can still discover bargains on home and garden items and technology. May also contains Memorial Day weekend - which is guaranteed to be chock-full of amazing sales (on everything from travel and appliances to furniture and clothing). Basically, it’s a great month for bargain hunters!

May’s Best and Worst Shopping Deals

While most articles clue us in to what we should be buying, this piece from Yahoo  lets us know what we should hold off on purchasing! Apple products are actually a no-go, since they’ll be announcing new products in June. There also probably won’t be any great deals on HDTV’s this month, so try to wait until summer for better prices.

Hope these articles inspire you to do some serious shopping during the month of May! Just don’t forget to use coupons when you do it!

By: CouponPal

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