Big Muff and Tube Screamer FX Pedals Join Forces to Rock!

Want to make your guitar playing partner’s birthday extra special? Give them a Little Muff – the smaller version of the legendary Big Muff fuzzbox used by Hendrix, Metallica, Pink Floyd, Smashing Pumpkins, and countless others.

The official name of this awesome Electro-Harmonix pedal is the “Little Big Muff,” but it is affectionately just called Little Muff by many guitarists (and bassists) because, well, you get it. Big Muff’s really are big, at least as FX pedals go, so they basically just put it into a more compact package without losing any of its monster capabilities because lots of people were clamoring for such a thing.

If you don’t know what this pedal does already, it’s a distortion / sustainer that creates a fuzzy sound by compressing the peaks of an instrument's sound wave and adding overtones. It’s pretty hard to play hard rock without one and you’ve been hearing hard at work your whole life, even if you’re not aware of it.

My wife, sweetheart that she is, got me a Guitar Center eGift Card for X-mas and I just hadn’t gotten around to using it yet. I recently started a new band that I wanted to have a little heavier sound than my last one, so I figured I’d add a pedal to my set-up that would help me achieve that.

I play a Les Paul through a 1978 50 watt Marshall JMP and an Ibanez Tube Screamer – that’s it. Pretty lean and mean.


So which pedal would help me rock out with my...”sock” out? I googled “distortion and tube screamer” to see what other people suggested. There were actually way more responses to this search that I thought there would be, which was good. I read through a bunch of them and the Little Big Muff kept being mentioned over and over again as the way to go. Sounded like a plan me.

Now – to buy it. I went to Guitar Center’s website to see if they sold it and of course, they did. I put it in my shopping cart, plugged in my eGift Card info to pay for it and that was that. Easy. Plus, because I bought it online instead of in-store, I found 2 coupons that got me free shipping and 70% off because my pedal turned out to be included in Guitar Center’s Clearance Items. Sweet.

How’s it sound? Friggin’ incredible. Beyond beefy. Do my neighbors like my new and louder set-up? Who cares? Oh, and thanks wife for the Muff. Love you.

By: Peter

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