Black Friday by the Numbers – Then and Now

Black Friday has been a tradition in America since the late 19th century. It's not surprising that since then a lot has changed about the post-Thanksgiving pandemonium. We've compiled this infographic that demonstrates what Black Friday was like in 2012, and what it's most likely to be in 2013.

Let’s break down this infographic, shall we? Historically, Black Friday has been known for in-store shopping mayhem. Just last year, average consumer spending on the day alone hit $423 a head. However, with the advent of the internet and online retailers, many shoppers are now attacking Black Friday on the ground and in the ether.

Last year, Statistic Brain found that Black Friday shoppers spent an average of $194 at online retailers like Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart, and Target. Almost 58% of in-store and online shoppers were spending their money on clothing and accessories, 40% of them on multimedia like books and DVDs, and 38% on electronics, says the National Retail Foundation .

Then there were those who neglected Black Friday altogether – in fact, 33% of people polled by Lab24 preferred to do their shopping on Cyber Monday. Their reasons: they could find the same (or better) deals online, they got to relax at home, and they wouldn’t get gobbled up in the gullets of those hungry crowds. Are we to expect a continuation of these buying habits and trends in Black Friday 2013?

Pretty much. More people have started their shopping earlier to avoid the Black Friday rush. In fact, 4 out of 15 people started their holiday shopping before November 1st. But online shopping looks as though it will take the apple pie this year. E-consumers are geared to spend on average 20% more than in-store shoppers: in dollars and cents, online shoppers are ready to shell out on average almost $885, versus in-store shoppers who will be dropping about $738, Accenture discovered.

In one study, only 38% of people polled will be going out on Thanksgiving Day to start their Black Friday shopping. 65% will research deals online prior to driving to the store, 63% will scope out the stores and then return home to their computers to shop, and 39% say that if an item they bought later drops in price, they’d return it.

What to Expect from Black Friday 2013 | Create infographics

As you can see, there's more thought and calculation put into Black Friday than it seems. With all those people fleeing Black Friday and flocking to Cyber Monday, it's time for you to choose the kind of shopper you're going to be: are you going to go traditional, modern, or a little bit of both? 

By: Seth

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