Bowflex Will Keep You Fit Through the Winter

No doubt you’re aware of the severe winter weather hitting much of the U.S. hard, leaving sidewalks and streets buried under mountains of snow and ice. Anything other than essential travel – like getting to work, school, or the grocery store – seems like a bad idea. Are you really going to battle the elements just to hit the gym? Probably not. But, if you had a Bowflex at home like me...

Winter is no excuse to let yourself go. In fact, it’s the perfect time to get that Bowflex home gym you’ve been meaning to get forever. I wish I would’ve got mine sooner, then I would’ve lost 20 pounds sooner. Plus, maybe I’d have a six-pack by now instead of just a four-pack.

Like I said, it works. I don’t have to pay for a gym membership anymore (which I rarely used anyway) and I can get a total workout whenever I want without leaving my apartment. I started off with the basic Bowflex Classic Home Gym, which they said would let me do 30 different exercises targeting all parts of my body. Besides toning and building muscle, it also gives me a great cardio workout.

Since that one worked out so well, now I’m planning on moving up to the Bowflex Revolution Home Gym. This one offers over 100 exercises. I figure if 30 has me looking this good, just think what 100 will do for me. I’m going to use Bowflex’s special financing to buy it. I used it to buy the last one too, and it was easy and I encountered no problems being approved. I didn’t even have to put any money down upfront.

Check out Bowflex’s website for all the details and to see all the different gyms and gear they have to offer. You can even get a free DVD sent to you that spells everything out and helps you decide which one will work best for you.

So, I’m watching snow come down right now outside my window. After I finish writing this, I’m going to pull out my Bowflex and watch it come down while I work out for 30 minutes or so. Then I’m going to pop open a light beer, sit back down at the computer and order my new Bowlflex using a Bowflex coupon code to save me what looks like hundreds of dollars. Sweet.

By: Peter

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