Breaking Fashion News: Dressing Like Your Parents Is Finally Cool

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When you were little, you probably tried on your mother’s lipstick or her heels, or maybe threw on your dad’s giant hoodie and boots, just for fun. That was probably the last time you considered your parents’ clothing as something you’d enjoy wearing. But the 2014 spring trends in the fashion world have just been released, and the world is shocked at just how basic the runway looks are.

‘Normcore’ and ‘frumpterable’ are apparently “the new black,” and the people three steps ahead of the trend are probably your parents. These looks are all about practical pieces and comfortable looks. They are basic, yes, but does that mean that “basic” can finally be striking? All I know is that my mother is now my fashion idol. And these 2014 spring trends mean one thing: serious mother / daughter fashion bonding. So let’s get to it!

Here are 4 ways to dress more like Mom. Or if you’re a mom, here’s how your daughter can dress more like you! (Also, if your style is all about comfort – way to be a trendsetter!)

1. Dresses

Dresses don’t need to be exclusively worn at formal events. My favorite dresses are the ones that are comfortable (first and foremost), but could be dressed up with a scarf and wedges or dressed down with a sweater and flats. Both are timeless looks that anyone can wear, at any age.

This dress from DownEast Basics is the perfect example of a comfy and versatile dress. And for your mini me, the dress below is similar and gorgeous in a modern color and nostalgic print, which is key with all of the 2014 spring trends.

2. Swimsuits

The beach looks of today are modest, classic, and breathtakingly beautiful. It’s no longer all about the string bikinis and the french-cut bottoms. In 2014, less is more, which is great to keep in mind if you’re older or younger. Mothers and daughters can now mimic each other’s beach-style and I think that’s pretty fantastic. Check out this bold tankini below!

Another fantastic thing? Saving money. Use a DownEast Basics coupon code at checkout in order to show off these new styles while staying within your budget. Especially if you’re looking for a cute suit like this one for your little lady.

3. Accessories

Nothing says classic sophistication and epic frumpterability like a soft infinity scarf like this one. Especially if you go with a solid color, you can pair it with anything in your closet (or your mom’s closet!)

4. Sweaters

It’s spring, not summer, so the weather will still be a bit crisp at times. You’ll need a light layer you can throw on during the cooler days, and cardigans are the perfect versatile option for spring. This one in bright baby blue with a solid navy trim is the perfect color combo for warmer weather and longer days ahead.

Here’s an adorable ruffle cardigan in spring-y pink for girls from DownEast Basics!

So celebrate the coming of spring with the looks and styles your mom would rock. She sure knows best, eh?

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