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It doesn’t take a lot of Google-ing to find out that is the best online T-Shirt maker around. Read some reviews, check the ratings, and it becomes pretty obvious, pretty quick that they’re the tops in “tops.” Sorry. Anyway, from past experience, I already knew that their quality was great, as was their customer service and fast delivery. (I had to change my design at the last minute and they were fine with that, and I got my shirts in 3 days.)

I heard that they gave big discounts on the more shirts you order at once, but just how big? I had only ordered 20 for my band the first time but now I needed more. How much could I have saved if I had ordered more in the first place? And much could I save now if I order a bunch more this time? I needed some both with the original design, and some with our new improved logo on it. I decided to test it out and do a little research and see just exactly how much I would save by ordering in bulk. Turns out, it was substantial. Check it out.

First, I uploaded the new logo on a plain, medium, white T. You have to order a minimum of 12 for Screen Printing, which is what I needed, because it takes time to set up. There’s no minimum for Digital Printing if just want one shirt. But the price comes down if you order more of those, too. Now, back to what I did...

Here’s how it broke down:

  • 12 Shirts, $10.37 ea.

  • 20 Shirts, $8.71 ea.

  • 40 Shirts, $6.62 ea.

  • 80 Shirts, $5.74 ea.

  • 100 Shirts, $5.59 ea.

According to my calculations, if I had ordered 100 the first time instead of just 20, I would have saved $3.12 per shirt! Lesson learned. Like I said, this was a plain, white T with a simple logo, but I’m sure the savings in comparable for all their other stuff, too. Like they say, they have hundreds of styles and colors to customize, including a whole new line of Neon T-shirts.

UberPrints has free shipping on orders over $100, which mine was, and just like last time I saved money by using an coupon code. If you’re looking to have some shirts made, these are the people to use. You can upload you own designs or use theirs. Check their site out for all the details, but you can basically get whatever you want.

My verdict: I saved more by buying more, I highly recommend them, and I will be ordering from them again.

By: CouponPal

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