Computers: One Size Does Not Fit All

These days the options are nearly endless when it comes to computers. How much memory do you want? What kind of processor? Which type of hard drive? What does it all mean? For many of us, the computer talk all sounds like a foreign language, and we’re likely to choose our next computer based on what’s popular or what we’ve heard about. But the truth is, the computer that works great for someone else may not fit your needs. Dell understands that not everyone needs the same thing in a computer; that’s why they offer such a variety of options. Here are our top choices.

Work & Home Office

Whether you work from home or often take your work home with you, you probably want to have a dependable work computer. What you need is a no-frills, practical machine that can help you get the job done. Your computer needs to have enough memory to store the files you need for work, and needs to be able to multitask and shuffle quickly between Excel, Word, Powerpoint, and web browsers. Your best choice would probably be a laptop, because that way it would be easy to transport it between home, work, and conferences.

The Inspiron 15z Ultrabook is an excellent choice for a work computer. It is light, sleek, and fast. It has a touchscreen option as well as upgraded processor options for faster work. It also comes with protection options and optional software, including a discounted version of Microsoft Office.

Family Computer

At home, you want a computer that functions well for emailing, maybe looking up some recipes, storing family photos, and surfing the internet. It needs to be safe and easy for kids to use. Unless you have a family of little accountants, you probably don’t need a computer with oodles of memory or intense HD gaming graphics.  

The Dell Inspiron One 20 All-In-One is a great option for you. You can choose how much memory you want (if you’re an avid family photo taker, you might want to go for more memory!), as well as options like adding Microsoft Office and McAfee security to your computer, so you’ll have all the programs you need right out of the box and you won’t have to worry about installing it yourself.


As a student, you need to get a computer that can multitask as much as you do. You’ll want to use it to write a research paper one minute, and watch a movie the next. You need to have enough memory to store your schoolwork, photos of friends, movies, and music. Your computer also needs to be light, portable, and able to hold up to some wear and tear, since you’ll be throwing it around in your backpack and carrying it all over campus. On top of all of that, your computer needs to be affordable – school is already expensive enough as it is!

Dell has a lot of great laptop options for students, but we think the Inspiron 17 really fits the bill perfectly. The main function it’s built for is multitasking, so it will be able to keep up with your busy lifestyle. This laptop has a slim, portable design and is tested to hold up to rough use (not too rough of course). Plus, when you order, you have options for how much memory you want, what type of video card you want, and security options as well. Besides all that, it’s one of Dell’s most affordable laptops, and you can save extra on it with student discounts and coupons.


As a gamer, the primary purpose of your computer will be gaming, of course. That means you’ll need powerful HD graphics, a good video and sound cards, and lots of memory. Your computer also needs to be fast and responsive in programs and on the internet. You also want to be able to carry it around with you so that you can play anywhere the inspiration strikes.

Dell’s Alienware series is perfect for the avid gamer. These laptops come with extra memory and extra fast Intel processors, making them faster and more responsive than ever. The graphics on Alienware laptops are unparalleled. Not only that, you may need to sometimes do other things with your computer, like work or programing. Alienware laptops are some of Dell’s most powerful computers, meaning they’re up to just about any task.

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