7 Expert Ways to Save at Hotels.com

Whether you're a bargain backpacker, business tripper, or frugal frequent flier – going on vacation can get expensive. Online deals are out there but you have to know where and how to search. We at CouponPal have teamed up with Hotels.com to bring you seven expert ways to stay and save on your next weekend getaway or great escape.

7. The Best Deals Travel In Packs

They say that there is safety in numbers but there’s great savings to be had too when you use Hotels.com to book for your entire group! Visit the Hotels.com Group page and complete their easy-to-use group form to enjoy discounts starting at 20% on airfare, hotels, and transportation. Make the most out of your group reservation and maximize your savings by using one of our Hotels.com discount codes when you book your next big business or family trip.

6. Major Cities = Major Savings

Most airlines charge $100+ or more for flights outside of larger cities, this is especially true when traveling internationally. Instead of paying per connection – try flying first into a major airport or hub like Berlin, Chicago, Los Angeles, London, or New York City then booking a less expensive separate trip for your final destination from there. Open two Hotels.com windows for a quick side-by-side comparison.

5. Fly The Flexible Skies

If your travel dates are flexible, then you can save in the hundreds on each booking by moving your dates one day or more +/– in either direction. Hotels.com features an advanced search that allows you to view fares (and rooms) 3 days before and after your desired departure. Weekday and off-season travel is highly recommended – flying between Tuesday and Thursday guarantees reduced fees (and stress levels).

4. A Package Deal

Searching separate sites for the cheapest flights, rooms, and rentals can be a hassle. Combine your search efforts and save yourself some time and money by reserving an all-inclusive Hotels.com Vacation Package. You still have the ability to pick your travel options, plan, and preference but Hotels.com offers better rates for vacations that are booked together.

3. Savings Central

Think of the Hotels.com Deals Hub as your command center for savings! This page is a great place to start (and bookmark) whether you are looking for deals on new destinations or you’re on the lookout for last-minute reservations. Featuring up-to-date daily sales on flights, hotels, packages, and more – check here first to make a break for it, without breaking the bank.

2. Sleep With The Locals

Staying outside of the city center or tourist district not only gives you an advantage on room rates but also makes for a more authentic vacation experience because you sleep, shop, and eat at the same places the locals do. Hotels.com offers you a variety of accommodations and travel alternatives to choose from including unique boutique hotels, bed & breakfasts, inns, and temporary apartments.

1. Live By The Coupon Code

Hotels.com is your one-stop online shop for unbeatable fares on flights, rooms, rentals, and more. While Hotels.com takes care of your trips, we at CouponPal are here to provide you with the direct route to all the deals. Before you book your next reservation, visit us first for exclusive access to Hotels.com discount codes . Combine these with our six other travel tips when you’re ready to reserve and send overspending and retail prices packing.

By: Stephanie

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