Create the Best Gifts in The World by Using Mixbook

I recently watched my wife sitting at her computer for what seemed like the entire weekend wading through a year’s worth of photos, trying to decide what to do with them and how. She was looking to create some kind of “Year In Review,” scrapbook, to give them as gifts to the grandparents. At first, she just complained that there should be some king of program or service that makes this kind of thing easy to do. “Aha,”, I thought, and gently suggested she Google for such a thing. Guess what? It exists and it’s great. I’m talking about Mixbook, which is now my wife’s new best friend.

Basically, Mixbook lets you use your own pictures to design your own photo-books, cards, or calendars. What worked out perfect for us was that had a template all laid out that was entitled “Year In Review.” Perfect. So my wife signed up and got to work.

Peeking over her shoulder, I could see it was pretty easy to do, and she was having fun doing it. She uploaded our photos picked the template she wanted to use and began designing. They also had a feature that let her share what she was doing and collaborate on it with her mom online. Sure, that spoiled the surprise a little, but it gave my mother-in-law a chance to offer suggestions. (Which she of course did.)

Check out this great intro video on how Mixbook works:

They provide a lot of other video tutorials as well, and have a very thorough FAQ page to help you out along the way that includes live chat if you need it.

There were tons of design and decorative options to choose from that really added a personal touch to our book. For instance, she broke down the year into seasons, and added elements that reflected them: flowers for Spring, beach for Summer, leaves for Fall, snow for Winter, etc.

Their prices are very reasonable, especially considering the quality of the finished project. It turned out so professional, it looked like you could have bought it in a bookstore. Mixbook even offers a referral credit if you recommend them to your friends.Here’s a chart of their basic pricing:

Before she checked out, my wife found a coupon (like she always does) that saved us 30%. Score. We now plan to make this an annual event, and also to use it to create holiday and birthday cards. Things you create on Mixbook really do make great gifts, since the receiver knows you spent the time to create something yourself for them. Much better than a gift card, no? Unless you’re giving someone a gift card for Mixbook so they can use it themselves. We totally recommend Mixbook and will be using it ourselves again and again.

By: Peter

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