Decorate For Less With These 8 Easy DIY Decorating Ideas

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You know when you walk into someone’s house and think, "Wow, this place should be in a magazine"? I think I’m not alone in assuming that most of us follow that thought up with, "Well it would cost a fortune to decorate my place this well." 

I know that I, for one, generally associate a well put-together home with wealth. But if what you have is creativity and not cash, then here are some great DIY decorating ideas to inspire you to make your home magazine-cover worthy.

1. Mini Paper Lanterns or Flower Lights

If you like faerie lights, there are tons of easy ways you can dress up a cheap string of lights to make it look like something much fancier. I saw an idea on Pinterest a while back for making tiny paper lanterns with origami balloons and faerie lights. I made it, and it looked great! All you need is origami paper (or paper cut into squares) and string lights (which you can get for cheap at You can find the instructions for folding origami balloons here.

Another crafty way you can dress up faerie lights is by making flowers out of paper cupcake or muffin baking cups and attaching them to your string of lights. Steph at shows you how to do it here.

2. Tissue Paper Pom-Poms

Tissue paper pompoms are a favorite decoration for parties. They’re simple, fun, and colorful. If you don’t feel like spending the money to buy them, you can make them yourself by following these instructions.

3. Photo Clip Frame

This craft is super simple to make and makes a great photo display for an entryway or family room. You can easily change the pictures around, add in postcards or ticket stubs, or make it into an advent calendar for the holidays. All you need is a picture frame, some paint (if you don’t like the color of the frame), string or wire, and mini clothes pins. Find instructions for making it here.

4. Summer Wreath

When I think “wreath,” I usually think of the holiday season. But the fact that it’s summer doesn’t mean your door has to be naked and boring. Here are six creative DIY decor ideas for summer-themed wreaths to dress up your door.

5. Welcome Mat Stencil

First impressions are what counts! In your home, your doorway and welcome mat make a first impression to your guests. If you want to make your mat more fun and welcoming, you don’t have to go out and buy a new one – just paint the old one. Instructions here.

6. Photo Canvas

You know those fancy people who have their family pictures printed on big canvases, and it looks really regal? And also costs upwards of $50, even for a small one? You can achieve the same look with a regular canvas, some mod-podge, and your printed photo. Here are the instructions.

7. Macrame Planter Hangers

I love having plants around. A little bit of green just brings so much life (literally) into the room. And somehow hanging plants automatically makes a room seem more artistically put-together. And you know those cool-looking macrame planters? They’re surprisingly easy to make with some regular rope from Home Depot. Here’s how to do it.

8. Rag Rug

Have a lot of rags laying around? Then this is a good DIY decor item for you. If you want to make the easiest rag rug possible, go with knotting small strips of fabric through a non-skid rug mat the size you want your rug to be, as shown here. For the bolder rag-rug maker, you can try making this crochet version.

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