Destroying Toshiba Products Looks Like a Whole Lot of Fun

It’s really the secret fantasy of all office workers, isn’t it? Taking out all your stress and frustration on the essential equipment needed to do your job? This dream was perfectly captured in the scene from Office Space, of course, when the company’s copier is taken to an empty field and bashed repeatedly with a baseball bat while aggressive rap music plays in the background.

Well, it appears Toshiba is modeling their latest ads after this very relatable feeling among office workers, by featuring two goofy dudes using extreme methods of destruction on Toshiba products. And it’s pretty wonderful to watch.

The series of ads is called, “Field Testing with Matt and Jamie” and these two are not only charismatic and spot-on with their comedic timing, but they’re also pretty fearless with their experiments. Here are the top three field tests, a.k.a. the things we’d all like to do after a hard day at work.

1. Q Series Pro SSD vs. Paintball Test

2. Portege Ultrabook vs. Tennis Game Test

3. Windows 8.1 Encore tablet vs. Block of Ice

These were just my personal favorites (and secret fantasies), but you can check out the full list of Field Tests here.

The results of these ridiculous field tests were so impressive, I almost want to go out and buy myself a Toshiba Tablet. Not without checking for a Toshiba discount code first, obviously. But I mean, the thing worked after being stuck in a block of ice for goodness sake. And my tablet has been acting up lately…..

Oh, clever advertising. You win again! 

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