Do Disney World Right: 5 Essential Money-Saving Tips

Time to finally make good on that promise to take the kids to Disney World? Want to let out your inner child and enjoy some Disney magic? The price of a Disney World Orlando vacation may seem daunting, but if you plan it right, the trip can truly be affordable. For the savvy Disney World traveler, here are some money-saving tips to enjoy the magic on a budget.

Check for Deals

Before you make any definite vacation plans, be sure to check and see if there are any current Disney World deals or promotions running. To see the current offers, visit Disney World’s Special Offers page. They often run deals on dining, discounts on Disney resort hotels, and discounts on entrance tickets and attraction tickets. If you find a good deal for your family, by all means, scoop it up!

Buy a Multi-Day Pass

Chances are, if you’re going all the way to Disney World, you’ll stay at least a few days. There are 4 different theme parks, including Magic Kingdom, and 2 water parks on the Disney World property, and you won’t want to miss out on any of them. The best and most economical choice is to get a multi-day park pass. Multi-day passes let you visit any one park each day, and the more days you purchase, the more of a discount you’ll get on the per-day price. For instance, if you book a 5-day pass you’ll save almost 40% on the per-day price.

Stay Smart

While Disney resort hotels truly are magical, you have to pay for the magic – usually at a much higher price than you would pay to stay at a normal hotel. Luckily there are many more affordable options in the vicinity of the Disney World property. The Best Western Lake Buena Vista and Wyndham Lake Buena Vista Resort are two good options nearby. You shouldn’t completely write-off the Disney resort hotels, though, because they often run promotions and discounts. A good place to find an affordable place to stay is at the Disney World page, where you can see the latest offers on Disney resort hotels and other hotels in Orlando. You can also use a coupon to make your stay even more affordable.

Eat Smart

The cost of eating at Disney World parks and resorts can really add up. Food prices in theme parks tend to be relatively high, and Disney World is no exception. There are some ways to make dining more budget-friendly, though. First, if you don’t want to have to worry about making dining arrangements, you might consider buying a Magic Your Way package. These include park tickets, lodging, and dining plans. With a dining plan, you’ll be able to choose any restaurant on the property to eat in, and you’ll get a certain pre-determined number of meals. Another option is to venture out into Orlando. There you’ll find your favorite chain restaurants, as well as a vibrant array of international restaurants, including many good Vietnamese restaurants. You might also consider making your own breakfast and lunch, and only go out for dinner each night.

Visit Free Attractions

Some things in life are free, even at Disney World. has compiled a list of 11 Free Things to Do with Kids at Disney World, and they have some great suggestions. Among the free activities are a visit to the boardwalk, playing with Legos in Downtown Disney, and riding the Disney monorail for a great view of the whole park.

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