Don’t Drive Off a Cliff – Update Your GPS Map Now!

Obviously, while accidentally driving off a cliff is an extreme example of what could happen because of an outdated map, just going the wrong way or getting lost always stinks in general. The good news is that this tragedy is easily avoidable with just a few mouse clicks or taps on your smartphone.

In 2012, more than a million roads across America were either changed or added. New construction, new businesses, and new points of interest pop up all the time. This is why an article by leading map-maker and provider, NAVTEQ, makes so much sense. With that said, here are 4 reasons they give for keeping your GPS maps data up-to-date:

1. Save Time

With our lives so jam-packed these days, every second is a precious one. Regular map updates minimize wasted time. Having the latest map update means saving time by driving the “highlighted route” instead of getting stuck in traffic backups when you need to be somewhere else.

2. Save Gas & Money

Using the most current maps will reduce your chances of wasting gas and driving in circles looking for that new road. And it will keep you from taking an unexpected — and gas-guzzling — detour when faced with road construction. If you don’t keep your GPS maps updated, these unfortunate events could happen to you and cost you a lot of money at the gas pump. And with today’s gas prices? Yikes.

3. Stay Safe

If you drive at night or travel unfamiliar roads in unfamiliar neighborhoods, having the latest map update will help you arrive at your destination without any surprises. It’s no fun — and definitely a safety hazard — to be stuck on the side of the road lost, trying to figure where you’re going, especially if you're alone and it’s dark outside.

4. Avoid Hassles & The Unexpected

From banks to hotels, shopping to restaurants, your navigation system is filled with important places and points of interest. Imagine you’re on vacation and stop to a café, only to realize after you’ve eaten that they don’t accept credit cards – and you don’t have any cash. If your navigation system had been current, this embarrassing situation could have been prevented.

Good reasons, but do you remember life before GPS? It’s easy to take it for granted, but we really shouldn’t. The tech involved in getting us all from point A to B as efficiently and safely as possible is pretty incredible. Check out this video of how NAVTEQ True (and Drive+) are created.

Amazing, isn’t it? Think about that he next time you look down at your dashboard or phone, or hear that voice telling you where to turn. However, amazing as GPS is, it’s only good as the info you put into it. Keeping your GPS updated with the latest map data will save you money in the long run. If you’re unconvinced, check out NAVTEQ’s Fuel Savings Calculator to see how much money you really can save, then head over to NAVTEQ’s website and use one of their discount codes for an update.

Because, seriously what’s the point in having an inaccurate map? None. But if you’re still unconvinced, don’t forget about that “cliff” thing.

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By: Peter

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