Don’t Fall for the Anti-Antivirus

So you got a great discount on Norton antivirus  and now you don’t need to worry about the threats lurking online, right? Wrong! Antivirus software has become a new favorite target for cyber crime. Beware of the anti-antivirus!

This scareware tactic manipulates users and computer software behavior to remove existing antivirus software allowing a malicious fake antivirus program to run on your computer. This type of attack actually runs uninstall programs for your security software to replace it with a corrupt file.

As InformationWeek reported, these attacks have grabbed the attention of the antivirus experts at Norton. The article explains that one such virus, the Trojan.FakeAV operates. This “retrovirus,” as they have become known, launches a system-level popup warning users that uncertified antivirus software is compromising the computer’s performance and should be uninstalled. If the user complies with the message, his or her antivirus software is removed from the computer entirely allowing the virus to infiltrate the machine.

Despite the fact that they target legitimate antivirus software – Norton antivirus software remains your best tool for prevention. Be sure to keep your software updated, and make sure that any requests to alter the software come directly from the provider and not a third party. When you purchase a licensed copy of their software, it will never tell you it is an uncertified copy so don’t be fooled.

Do not compromise the safety the software offers by overriding its security and allowing a virus to replace it! When in doubt, close suspicious warnings and run your antivirus software before its too late.

By: CouponPal

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