Don’t Learn the Hard Way When it Comes to Data Recovery

A few years ago, I was managing a small veterinary office. My days were filled with tracking accounts for loyal clients and their four-legged loved ones. Data for treatments, medications, billing, and overall health was organized within our trusty practice management software. Then came the day we lost it all.

Our server computer was old and kept in a poorly ventilated space. It overheated one day and crashed. When our computer guy got us back up and running, we discovered that all of the data entered during the previous three months was completely lost. Our practice management software was three months behind and there was no way to recover that data. The data recovery software we had was out of date and could offer zero help. 

Our only solution was to designate two to three staff members (myself included) to enter all of that information into the computer manually. MANUALLY. It was like using a typewriter to recreate a year’s worth of emails. It was awful. We gave Carbonite a try once we had everything back in place and it was like a weight had been lifted. We had no reason to worry about our data or if we would lose it again in the future.

Nowadays, data recovery is key. Not having a recovery system in place is too much of a risk, especially for businesses. And while there are plenty of software options available, it’s silly to think any of them would offer better protection than Carbonite. Here’s 4 reasons why Carbonite is the best.

1. It stays out of your way.

Carbonite works its tail off in the background saving the data you select, as well as any following changes you make to it. It can run on a daily schedule and is constantly checking for changes throughout the day. Convenient, quiet, and hard-working. Easily a candidate for Employee of the Month, right?

2. It’s reasonably priced.

There are three different pricing options for home systems, and two for businesses. There’s a price comparison tool that allows you to look at all of the available options and the features of each program to determine which one is your perfect match. With the incredible Carbonite discount codes we offer, any of these five could be your perfect match.

3. You get to test it out first for FREE.

No risk, and no commitments up front. You get to test out the full program you’re interested in for a limited time for $0. You’ll receive reminder emails when the trial period is coming to an end, and I promise you, you won’t want to cancel it.

4. It was just named ‘The Best’.

See? It’s not just me saying it. Carbonite was recently named best cloud backup and disaster recovery vendor (Gold winner) in ChannelPro-SMB's 2013 Readers' Choice Awards. More than 1,000 systems integrators, custom builders and IT consultants in the channel cast their votes for the most partner-friendly products, technologies, services, programs, and professional organizations.

Never spend another moment worrying about the safety of your data. Try Carbonite today and let this program get to work.

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