Don’t Settle for Free Virus Removal

Search for free antivirus software online, and you will find plenty of competition. You can get a free trial or even free version of software from top companies, but they fail to meet the standards of excellence set by their paid counterparts. Save yourself some trouble and some money and use a PC tools coupon code to get complete coverage.

Though their website promotes their PC Tools AntiVirus Free program for Windows, they are the first to admit the coverage offered is incomplete. PC Tools website distinguishes paid and unpaid software explaining that, “Free antivirus software generally only searches your computer using signature-based detection which involves looking for patterns of data that are known to be related to already-identified malware. Paid antivirus software will usually also include heuristics to catch new, or zero-day threats, by either using genetic signatures to identify new variants of existing virus code or by running the file in a virtual environment (also called a sandbox), and watching what it does to see if it has malicious intent.” In summary, free antivirus software does not use the most advanced techniques to fight against current threats.

Looking at PC Tools AntiVirus Free versus PC Tools Spyware Doctor with AntiVirus, the difference in sophistication is immediately apparent. Only the paid software stops defends you from current online threats including phishing websites and downloading threats coming from your browser, chat program, or email. Though the free version provides basic protection to your computer, and is superior to using nothing at all, it is more likely to open your eyes to how many spyware, adware, malware, viruses, worms, and Trojans exist and then reassure your safety.

Why delay any longer by installing incomplete protection? Get a great deal on PC Tools antivirus software and get complete coverage today! 

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