Dork Gone Wild: Birthday Gifts from Father to Daughter

The stock of Tilly's, a leading retailer in the action sports industry, has been upgraded! Why? Because they rule! Booya! Eh, whatever – all I care about is that my kids think their clothes rock, but I guess that is good for them and people who own their stock.

I stumbled across the stock news when I was searching for them on the Internet. My daughter’s birthday is coming up and I was told by her in no uncertain terms that I should get her stuff from Tilly’s website. So much for her being surprised, but at least she’ll be happy.

What the heck do I know about what teenage girls want to wear? As I’ve been told many times, I am a dork who wants her to wear dorky clothes. To avoid any possible embarrassment,, Miss Smarty-Pants had already visited their site and had given me a list of what she had picked out for herself.

Turns out Tilly’s features skate and surf stuff, which was perfect. I used to skate and I still surf, occasionally, anyway. So, list, schmist – I was going to prove that I wasn’t as big a dork as she thought when it came to fashion. To help me choose, I watched this video about Tilly’s on YouTube...

...and then I went wild, but I really didn’t have to spend that much money. Their prices were low, it was in the middle of their Red Tag Sale, and I was able to use a bunch of coupons , too. I figured overkill was good in this case; she was sure to like some of the stuff I bought, right?

Here’s what I picked out all by myself:

  • ALMOST FAMOUS X Stitch Womens Skinny Jeans
  • TWISTED ANGEL Bold Stripe Womens Leggings
  • FULL TILT Plaid Skater Skirt
  • ASHLEY Womens Twill Military Jacket
  • IRON FIST Party Animal Womens Muscle Tank
  • KITTY FACE iPhone 5 Wallet
  • VANS Dispute Small Handbag
  • CONVERSE Chuck Taylor Knee-Hi X-Hi Women

There! I covered everything, from head to toes. As I was checking out, my son peeked over my shoulder and said “Oh, Tilly’s. Cool. I need a new skateboard.” “Yeah, well your birthday is six months from now, so forget it,” I replied.

Long story short, my daughter loved everything. Oh, and confident that I was, I also got her everything on her list. I may be a dork but I’m not an idiot.

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By: Peter

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