Drink Up and Tune In: 4 Best Wine Pairings for Fall Season Premieres

When it comes to pairing wine with food, I always find myself a little overwhelmed. As much as I love food, and seriously, I love it more than most things, I don’t consider myself a foodie. But I do look forward to my nightly glass of wine. And appreciating wine as an experience and not just as a beverage is certainly something I get.

So instead of food pairings, I decided to match my favorite wines to some of my favorite shows. Season premieres are just around the corner and there’s no better way to celebrate their return than with a glass of wine in hand.

Here’s a list of returning fall favorites and the wines that should be sipped while viewing.

1. Sons of Anarchy & Alta Tierra Reserve Syrah 2009

A lot of sh** went down in Charming, CA last season, and we’ll soon learn more about Tara and Clay’s time in the slammer. And what’s next for Jax? Since taking the title of ‘President,’ this good guy has gotten much badder.

The Alta Tierra Reserve Syrah 2009 is the perfect choice for this show because the flavor is intense, with notes of spice and tobacco layered into the blackberry base, making it deeply complex.

2. New Girl / The Mindy Project & Sonoma Vineyards Chardonnay 2009

These two shows offer so many great things to the universe. Both leading ladies are strong, intelligent, and very self-aware. They’ll also lure you in through chronic clumsiness, irresistible charisma, and sharp wit.

The ideal wine for these shows has to be the 2009 Sonoma Vineyards Chardonnay. The reason for that is the description. “Truly sunshine in a glass” and “representative of the territory, where hills and winding valleys meet ocean breezes and create a diversity of soil and climate combinations."

3. Nashville & Corsiero Nero 2011

Rayna and Deacon. We were hoping they’d get together the whole season and when they finally do, he discovers a dark secret she’s been keeping from him and the season ends in the two of them getting into a nasty car accident after a fight. Everything about the two of them, and really this whole show, is tragic and poetic.

The match for Nashville is the Corsiero Nero 2011, and that’s because of the grape used to make it. This grape variety takes its name from the town of Troia in Southern Italy, which, “as legend has it, was founded by Greek hero Diomedes after sacking the city of Troy in Asia Minor. Even great warriors eventually turn to more gentle pursuits, and maybe it was Uva di Troia which made Diomedes settle in Italy, using his last years to make wine from this fascinating grape variety.” Which certainly describes the intense struggles each of these characters face.

4. Parenthood & The Yelverton Reserve Chardonnay 2012

No other show has featured the perfectly imperfect dynamics of a big family like Parenthood. Last season left us with triumphs in love and in life for most of the main characters. Amber is happily in love, Julia and Joel are adjusting to life with their newly adopted son, Kristina is cancer-free, and Crosby is about to be a dad for the second time. Ah, Bravermans. You give me hope.

The 2012 Yelverton Reserve Chardonnay is a dry Australian wine known for its quality, balance and “hints of nuttiness.” The reason I made this pairing choice should now be quite clear.

All of these wines are top picks, award winners, and loved by critics. And all are available through WSJwines.com. You can purchase them by bottle, or by the case. But don’t review your cart without a WSJwines discount code handy! You’ve got a lot of sipping and viewing to do, so there’s no need to spend a lot too.

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