Durant vs. Bryant: My Grown Up Battle for Shoepremacy

Do you remember being a kid and shopping for sports equipment? Each new season ushered in a new trend and gave me a reason to buy a new pair of gym shoes, cleats, and other pricey gear. Especially with a pair of kids in the family, the cost of youth sports added up quickly and paying for top-of-the-line name brands for equipment I’d outgrown in a few months just wasn’t an option. Still, that didn’t stop me from wanting a pair of Nike Jordan basketball shoes, as I told David Ning in an interview. Now that I’m doing my own shopping, I decided to treat myself and get a pair of the brand new Nike’s.

I started my search at Nike’s website and was shocked to see how much shoes cost these days. Seriously, $200 for some Lebron’s?! I had to readjust my expectations and look for something a little less expensive.

It seems like all of Nike’s options these days boil down to one fundamental question: “Who do you root for?” For me (and my budget) I was faced with an epic matchup:  Kevin Durant KD VI Men’s Basketball Shoes vs Kobe Bryant Zoom series Venomenon 4’s. Both shoes had everything I wanted – low-cut, lightweight, and less expensive than other options. My eye had me leaning one way, but my heart tugged me in another direction.

Some of you may think the choice is easy. Others might say the player in question shouldn’t even factor into my shoe choice. But, this is basketball, I am a fan, and it does matter.

Though I really dig KD’s shoes (and his silky smooth play), I resisted the urge to use a Nike ID coupon and customize my own Kevin Durant low-tops. I just couldn’t betray the Black Mamba, no matter how nice the KD’s look. Instead, I went with 5-time NBA champion, Los Angeles Laker, and home-town favorite Kobe Bryant and the Venomenon’s. What can I say? They go well with my collection of Magic Johnson jerseys.

Now that I settled on a shoe style, what else was left? Find a better price, of course. Nike’s “Just do it” mantra never seemed so appropriate (sorry, had to do it).

I started by trying some Nike coupons, but the best I could find was one for free shipping. Determined to do better, I shopped around and found them for $10 less at Foot Locker and a coupon code for $15 orders over $75. Swoosh! (Alright, seriously, I’ll stop, but check out the savings below)

When my new shoes arrived, my inner 10-year-old boy smiled big. What’s more, I can wear them around knowing I got the best price around! 

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