Early Readers Are Happy Readers

Instilling a love for reading at an early age opens up new worlds for children by giving them a new way to learn. When reading is presented to a child in an engaging manner, they come to see it not as a chore, but as something to be enjoyed. In addition, when they are give the opportunity to develop their reading skills on their, own, it fosters a sense of achievement, confidence, and self-sufficiency that spills over into everything they do.

Through its online program, Reading Eggs introduces children to reading through interactive stories, adventures, and games populated with relatable and just plain fun characters.  The initial lessons are designed for those ages 3-7 and awaken their ability to read through phonics, character recognition, and stories they become immersed in. Children are encouraged to progress at their own speed, working through 100 leveled lessons developed by educational experts incorporating puzzles, activities, and songs to stimulate all of a child’s senses.

The children earn online game rewards by completing a “map” of lessons, and parents can keep up with what and how well their children are learning through emails sent after the child completes each unit. To compliment and reinforce the online learning experience, there are companion books available as well.

Reading Eggs offers new users a 14-day free trial and a 50% discount for the enrollment of each additional child after the first. Combined with using a promo code, the cost of giving your child a leg up in their education and a head start on a passion for reading becomes negligible in comparison to the benefits. So, help your children to learn to read early, read a lot, and read forever by letting Reading Eggs into their lives.

By: Peter

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