Earth Day 2015 As Told By Memes

Earth Day is coming up soon – on April 22, in fact! How are you going to celebrate? Here are our suggestions in the form of 10 funny Earth Day memes:

1. Hug all the trees!


Or at least as many as possible, and make sure to be as enthusiastic as this Earth Day meme.

2. Remember why the Earth is worth your time.


In case you need more motivation to celebrate Earth Day, just think about a universe without chocolate. Now that’s a real tragedy.

3. Think about the Earth’s feelings.


How would you feel if no one was listening to you? Take Earth Day as a time to listen to what the Earth might be saying if it could speak, as this Earth Day meme illustrates.

4. Feel bad for bad luck Earth.


Only inhabitable planet. Is home to all known life. Only one day of the year dedicated to celebrating it. This Earth Day meme really shows the irony of Earth Day. :(

5. Don’t be a hypocritical hippie.


Don’t create any more irony on Earth Day by celebrating in a wasteful way! Earth Day parties with lots of paper decorations, awareness pamphlets that are just going to get thrown away, and big events that use a lot of electricity all go completely against the spirit of Earth Day. Come on, people.

6. Try to be an Earth Day natural.


There are some people who unexpectedly are great at Earth Day, like almost politically correct redneck here in this Earth Day meme. He doesn’t even have to try to conserve electricity, it just comes naturally.

7. Take this advice.


For the rest of us, we might need a little guidance on the best way to be kind to Mother Earth. Advice Mallard in this Earth Day meme has some good tips you may not have known.

8. Whatever you decide to do, remember to keep it up.


The Earth is our only home, so we should be caring about it every day, not just on Earth Day!

9. Lest you get slapped in the face...

cb9073beb52558a3dded0344f793ac9acbc9f40dca330836495b139c3d6912eb.jpg the hard hand of global warming, which honestly would be way worse than getting slapped by Batman as far as I'm concerned.

10. Have a better attitude than Grumpy Cat.


I know he’d like it if everyone disappeared, but I’d like to believe Mother Earth likes us a little better than that. At least, she would if we would think about her a little more. Take the time this Earth Day and every day to think about how your actions impact the earth, and make some changes to make your lifestyle a little greener. Your great-great-great grandchildren will thank you!

By: CouponPal

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