Everyday Essentials: The No Makeup Makeup You Can’t Live Without

Wanna pack an explosive beauty punch in your makeup routine? Cosmetic companies have gotten the hint that we want beauty simplified, and they’ve answered in a big way with my favorite new breakthrough product: beauty balm.  

What is beauty balm?

Beauty balm or “BB cream” is a:

primer, foundation, sunscreen, moisturizer, skin perfecting hybrid that does the work of 5 products in 1 little tube of glory!

BB cream is the perfect purse companion. It glides on easily providing moisture and SPF then evens and brightens skin with built in coverage that rivals a light foundation. Some BB Creams also contain antioxidants and moisture rich ingredients like hyaluronic acid and glycerin which give that glowy look we all crave.

Which one do I choose?

Almost every major cosmetic company is making a BB cream now, so how do you pick the perfect one?

Step 1. Color Match

Look for a beauty balm that matches your skin color exactly.  Test drive by rubbing a bit of the product on your cheek by your jawline and make sure it blends completely.

Step 2. Protect with SPF

Many women think that SPF is only necessary for a marathon day in the sun.  This is not the case.  Your skin starts being damaged by the sun as soon as it is exposed, so even driving in your car without SPF allows your pretty mug to be bombarded with aging UV rays that accumulate into wrinkles and sunspots. On days when your skin will be exposed for more than 30 minutes, BB Cream will not replace a good sunscreen (which can be applied below the cream).

Step 3. Choose the coverage level you need

Next, look for a cream that provides the level of blemish coverage you need and light reflecting brightness you want. Most beauty balms provide light coverage that evens tone and lightly conceals under eye circles. If you are having a heavy duty breakout or your eyes went out on the town last night you’ll still want to keep your regular concealer handy, but for a fresh pick-me-up, BB cream will do the trick.  

Step 4. Choose your BB Cream accessories

Finally, as an admitted anti-aging nut, I look to add antioxidants to my skincare routine whenever possible, so  I use a beauty balm that has vitamins E and C. Some contain antioxidants like vitamins E, A, and C, collagen boosting stem cells, and hydrating  hyaluronic acid. Coverage and SPF are what are most important so don’t be overwhelmed by anti-aging add ons.

How to use BB Cream:

  • Start with a clean, dry face with pores tightened by a splash of cold water.  Apply a nickel sized amount of the product in your CLEAN palm or on the back of your hand.  

  • Use your fingers or a clean cosmetic sponge to smooth the product over your skin. Blend the product down below your jawline to your neck to prevent any of those awful lines you don’t catch until you look in your rearview mirror in natural light and gasp in a panic (Then reach for a glove compartment starbucks napkin and rub furiously. Maybe that’s just me).

  • Let the cream set for about a minute before you start retouching.  Most brands take about that long to start to “set.” Go back over areas that need more coverage and apply concealer to harder to cover spots. For a look that will last all day or one that will be photographed, set with a light dusting of powder. You’re ready to go!

Your beauty BFF wants you to remember:

As much as we all want one product to be our beauty baby daddy, there is no ONE thing that will replace everything in our skin care routine. As much as BB creams can do for your makeup routine, they DO NOT replace proper skincare via nighttime moisturizers and other anti-aging products. Enjoy this product! I love it!  

Here are a few of my favorite BB besties:

Best Luxury Brand


Peter Thomas Roth CC Cream 30 SPF  

Best Under $25

Lumene Vitamin C+ Illuminating Anti-Aging BB Cream SPF 20  

Best DrugStore Find

Garnier Skin Renewal Miracle Perfector BB Cream  

Best Color Corrector

Smashbox 'Camera Ready' CC Cream Broad Spectrum SPF 3  

By: Megan Morrison

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