Finally, A Great T-Shirt Maker

How hard do you think it would be for someone to make a T-Shirt from a design I uploaded and not make any mistakes? Evidently, very hard. I’ve been burned twice before so this was the third time and the third different place I’ve ordered T-Shirts for our band. This time I went with because a friend recommended them. Yeah, I’ve heard that before but we needed shirts, so I gave them a shot.

They are the best! And this is coming from someone who had a huge grudge against online T-Shirt makers. The whole process from beginning to end was very easy and straight-forward. I picked the kind of shirts I wanted, uploaded our band logo, made a couple of tweeks to the size and positioning and that was it. 3 days later, I had the shirts and they were perfect. Honestly, I was surprised. The colors were intense and right on, the borders were solid between all the elements and the shirts themselves were high quality.

I noticed that they can do a lot more than just shirts, like hoodies, Polos, womens stuff, underwear, kids stuff and stuff for pets. I’m gonna go back and get some band hats next week. Also, I think I’m going to design something myself for my girlfriend and her son. Uber has a whole section that let’s you create your own designs using a bunch of their art, logos, fonts and other tools.

Oh, and before I put in the order, I posted two different designs on our Facebook band page and let people vote and give their opinions. Once that was done, I placed the order (using a coupon that saved me 25%) and then Tweeted the design to let everyone know our shirts would soon be ready, so order quick. I was able to do the Facebook and Twitter things right from the site itself.

Bottom line, if you’re designing your own T-shirts, use and don’t even mess with trying anyone else. Like I said, I have. Other guys, lame. Uber, rocks.

By: CouponPal

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