For HP and China Mobile, The Future Is Now

What if you could find any information at all about your city – including health records, pollution information, transportation schedules, construction information, and more – all in one place? Well, it would save you a lot of time rifling through old file folders and wandering around the dark and dusty corners of government websites, that’s for sure. And that’s exactly what China Mobile, the leading mobile service provider in Mainland China, is planning to do with Wireless City.

The idea of Wireless City is to make all kinds of public information easily available to wireless subscribers, right on their mobile phones. To do this, the company has set up over 1.6 million wireless access points in various provinces and cities around the country, and plans to set up more.

China Mobile will also make various applications from its Mobile Market available to users through Wireless City. Mobile Market is an app store where China Mobile users can purchase and download applications to their smartphones. Around 150 million users (and counting) are registered with Mobile Market.

HP has teamed up with China Mobile in order to allow users to search thousands of applications in the system and bring them more accurate results. China Mobile will use HP Autonomy software to organize data and let users get search results that are not only keyword-related, but also conceptually-related to their search terms. HP’s unique search technology will bring information from more than 8,000 applications right to users’ fingertips.

As the mobile service provider company with the most users in the world, China Mobile is poised for success, especially since teaming up with HP. Of course, it should come as no surprise to see HP at the forefront of innovation. After all, we benefit from the company’s inventiveness every day, with gadgets like the SlateBook, Pavilion, Photosmart, and countless others that make our lives easier every day – and for affordable prices, too.

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