Forget Valentine’s Day: Grab Your Besties and Celebrate Galentine’s Day Instead

What even is Valentine’s Day? A gaudy, expensive commercial holiday created for people to boast about their “in a relationship” status in public? Ugh. I’m married, and I don’t even understand the hype. I’d much rather celebrate the anniversaries of moments personal to us as a couple, than be forced to pay more for a steak dinner and be surrounded by a crowd of other random couples.

As with many important everyday issues, let’s turn to Leslie Knope. She might be a fictional character played by Amy Poehler on the NBC sitcom, Parks and Rec, but that certainly doesn’t diminish her determination to creatively celebrate her female friendships. She created Galentine’s Day (Feb. 13th) as a day to celebrate her lady friends. So, instead of being one of those singles or marrieds who chooses to boycott Valentine’s Day (which always seems to come across as bitter, no matter how you play it), we can now just choose to celebrate Galentine’s Day instead.

Here are six ways to celebrate Galentine’s Day with your besties without breaking the bank.

1. Treat Yo Self!

While this might already be a separate Parks and Rec holiday, that doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate some of the relaxing parts of the day. “Clothes, Treat Yo Self. Fragrances, Treat Yo Self. Massages, Treat Yo Self. Mimosas, Treat Yo Self. Best day of the yearrrr.” Just make sure you’re with your ladies for all of those treats. And don’t forget to check for any Groupon deals and/or coupon codes that’ll make all of those purchases easier on your wallet.

2. Take a Trip

You don’t need to hop on a plane to an exotic destination to have a fun getaway. Spend the night or weekend away with your besties in a location somewhat nearby. If it’s within a few hours away, turn it into a road trip! Wherever you decide to go, make your first stop in the planning process, as they have unbeatable deals on rooms in every major city. Find a suite, use a discount code, and split the bill with your gals! Then you can snag some candy and a soda from the mini bar and not feel as bad.

3. Cocktails and Cupcakes

You can also celebrate this girl power holiday by staying in and having a cupcake potluck party. Call it a “cupluck,” and you’ll get 40 extra points for being adorable. The points are meaningless, but still fun. Mix some drinks, inhale some sweets – there’s no better way to party, in my opinion.

4. Buddy Binge Watch

Maybe while you’re enjoying your drinks and desserts, you could turn on some Netflix and continue to be inspired by Leslie Knope’s passion projects and Ron Swanson’s utter distaste in anything trendy. #Pawnee4eva

5. Fancy Dinner

If you’re going to go out for a fancy steak dinner, take your girls instead! Reserve a large table, and enjoy the day before the restaurant marks up the very same meal for way more.

6. Dance Like Nobody’s Watching, Despite Everyone Watching

Hit da clubs, grab your besties, and shake what your mama gave you. Be ridiculous, be silly. Or forget the club and just have a random dance party wherever you ladies end up. Who cares what anyone else thinks? You’re with people who love you just as uncoordinated and dorky as you are.

Happy Galentine’s Day!

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